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Thursday, April 19, 2007

2 crazy people....

Once upon a day.....

There are 2 crazy people....

Mr Ng......

The verypoisonouslady.......

Do we look alike?

I cannot help but to post this naughty photos....

Hope I made ur day....


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haaa.....hen xiang lei
think i saw u at burlington square during lunch time on wed....nv call u look fierce lei and dun look like u oso but its u cos u got wear that round ring...
hmm... lucky mr ng for he can fuck a slut like you.. u are also lucky can find someone like him even though u look stupid.. dont have to work so hard alrady next time.. then again.. u dont have to lo.. just lie on the bed can liao..

you go Mr NG.. lucky you.. free fuck..
both of u looks cute... i actually do like the way both of u spend time together, exploring funny things :)

it spices up ur life, don't u agree? happy always!
i think mr ng just playing around with u, a man will never choose a woman like u to be serious partner

those who left ugly comments are obviously so sour.

probably they are lonely. they envied poisonouslady, that u hv a lovely r/s now.

probably they are jealous. their partners didnt shower attention on them like what poisonouslady received.

get a life and shut your trap. dun ever try using stupid words to put pple down. coz, it's nothing.

we see u as junks.
The fact is u slept with my husband before u slut
Only Apple lim knows what is truth, U will be punished
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