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Sunday, May 27, 2007

My life.....

Still the same old me....

I got alot of thinkings done recently....

Life is so scary.....

I wish I am still younger......

I wish I never grow up.....

Do u believe that when a person is desperate, he/she is willing to do anything?

Last Thur Afternoon.....

Miss Marilyn.....Busy on the phone.....

Went for lunch with her since I cannot make it to her birthday party.....

Ju join us after that.....

Hope u like ur present.....

My lovely friends!

Last Sat.......an important event.....

Zeta and man was there as well!

Me and my man! (Pardon for the banana top again, I "dua" him cos I suppose to be wearing yellow also....)

Gavin and Stella's solmoization!

At a lovely place!

We reached damn early..........so early that the bride was not even there yet...haha

The lovely couple! With all my blessing!

Muakzzzzzzzzz I am so happy for u!

All the lovely friends who attended!

I can feel all the love when I was there.....

Make 3 people went to "Mind Cafe" with me!

We were playing the "duckie game"

Mr Ng with his yellow duckies....

It was really fun!

Great to see all the girls at Stella's wedding! Whoses turn next?????

Thanks to Zeta for giving up her movie to go to the cafe with us! I so love u oki!

Monday tomorrow!



You say Mr Ng's hokkien very jialat ...

Gavin and Stella's solmoization!

What is solmoization? Apple ah Apple ... Your ang moh also sibei jialat leh. LOL =P

Now got boyfriend liao , email also dun wan reply. *sigh*
I never see ur email....
hello!! can i ask where was her solemnization held?

interested in doing mine over there.

Thanks!! =D

regards, yuri
zeta looks very similar to one of my fren.....
Dempsy rd - Hagcienda
Salut! I was the guy who went up to you when you were working today to talk to you. It was great to have met you in real life! I do not know if you can remember me but I was the speckie one =) Never did I expect that you will be hired for our function and I choked on my food when I first saw you haha
I remembered u... =) thanks for coming up to say hi
hey babe, i was the one whom u said looked like ur sister yesterday at tengah. u look prettier real life. :)

dennis: didnt know u read her blog too! haha, was surprised too. cya soon.
where did you brought your blue sexy top?
u nv appear in Miko gathering?
Y u nv appear in Miko's gathering?
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