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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still Sick....

Still Sick.....

Coughing badly...

Though I am jobless now but I am busy...

Arranging the girls now....

Quite taxing to do coordination work wor but I hope everyone is happy with all the effort put in....

I went shopping today.

Not a very joyuous errand though.

Cos not for myself...

Running around a few streets and trying out lots of clothes for 2 men (Not Mr Ng but my clients) to see...

Finally decided on something that me and the clients think is nice but now I hope the other 8 girls will find it nice.

I am starting work on Mon but I will announce it officially soon!

I hope all my friends who are reading my blog pardon me for being so busy.

Yet to meet up but I promise I will do it very soon.

Wahhhhh I damn drowsy now sial......

Had some cough medication just now and I feel so "high" suddenly...


Are u people happy?

Are u enjoying what u are doing?

Are u glad that u have what u have now?

I am always trying to make myself happy and I think this is very important.

No matter what happen, u know that someone up there is taking care of u, oki.

U have only 1 life....live it to the fullest....

Oh dear, sey liao blabbering too much...

Dunno what I am typing now cos I damn HIGHHHHHHHHH!


Fri is coming soon so i hope all of u have a great time!

Photos soon with all the babes!

Love u people.

Thanks for all the emails and comments.

I need that. I will take very good care of myself!


p/s: How come my blogger is in chinese? How do i change it??????

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hey! yah it's me lah.
thought you knew about my new blog?

after knowing you for so long ... this is the first time you were ever this sick ...

maybe you should quit the ... you know what ...

take care!
On the page where u sign in, u can change the language at the bottom. It happened to me before..
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