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Monday, July 02, 2007


Lao Niang got soooo many happy thingse to share!


I am official a Propnex Property Agent (Megaforce Team)!!!!!!!!!

I am focusing on Private sectors mostly so if U are interested to let me provide the service of finding ur dream houses, let me know!

U can contact me via email


Assignments are slowing down for this month! Thanks for those who sent in ur portfolio. Will keep it for future references!

Went to a fabulous place last sat! Mr Ng!

Seafood Harvest @ United Square!

Escagots! But u think i will like? Mr Ng hoot 1/2 dozens (minus one by me)......HAPPILY

We are very into "Clam Of Chowders" recently! But long john silver's one damn nice and cheaper!

The main course!!!!!!!!! LOBSTER WITH STEAK!!! Where to find u tell me! I been craving for lobster for damn long!

Happy man! Thanks for the delicious lunch!

Went to this freaking expensive tea place for tea.

Decor very nice and girl girl!

The service is great!

Went for this play called "JUMP" VERY VERY VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a damn great comedy I have think is nicer than "Boeing Boeing".

I think no more liao.... =( I would want to watch again lor.

IT IS REALLY FUNNY! I laugh all the way from start to ending!

Thanks to Mr Ng for the fantastic lunch and the show! it was great!

But hor.....we forgot about dinner......


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wow that's cool! and now's the time to be an agent too! an apartment near mine sold for over 800k!
hi, may i noe wher is the expensive tea place located? thanks alot!
Saw you guys at Raffles Hotel on Saturday evening.
i think i may have friends who wanna rent leh..
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