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Friday, June 29, 2007


I woke up with a damn heavy hungover...

Was happily drinking last night...

Cant really recall what happen but I only know all my events issue are solved and i let my hair down to party.

Never stay late I think, I went home with a very very bad cough and I even took some cough medication...

Wah, I really sey and high like dunno what.....

I think a few people called me and I dun even remember what they say.....

Anyway, photos time!


I cannot remember how to smile nicely le.....

Met Gillian for Lunch on Tue? or Wed? We went for some coffee!

Did a product launch yesterday morning. They were talking about climate change.... I feel so guilty for using so many plastic stuff....

Evon and Me!

Fransca? Her name very chim....dunno how to spell....

The big event finally.... The one I am using 8 models for the boxing event......

What they doing sial?

Lily and Danielle!

Someone new....Rachel! Choi right? I love her looks!

Slyvia and Val!

Slyvia, Val, Queenie and Rachel!

I manage to catch them for a shot!

The gorgeous 8 models!!! Thanks darlings for ur help!

The guest were so eager to take a shot with them.....

Zeta and me in the pic! Thanks to Zeta for helping out!

The boxing stage.....


Finally it is over...

I am so happy with the girls!

Gorgeous and hardworking!

We manange to start in time and the clients are all very happy!

Hope u girls had fun, I am so sorry that they delay the time as promise. I wll settle with them soon.


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gorgeous gals...perhaps a tad skinny but definitely drool-worthy. Thanks for sharing the photos :)
does zeta has a blog?
so now you are managing the events instead of being a model yourself? thats a step up your career?
I was at the event as well,though was there for 10mins. had to rush off to catch the rugby game somewhere else. You ladies sure did an excellent job.
ur fren val looks damn hiao. but u look great in the pic.
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