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Monday, August 20, 2007


I forgot I suppose to blog sial.....

Paiseh....so busy....

Lazy to take my camera now cos I still doing my paperwork so not much time to blog...

But anyway, can someone tell me which temple I should go to pray for career? Not yet close any deal so I think must pai pai a bit wor....

Need to do some work now...

Happy Working!!


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Come on, do what u do best..... not this current job....
well maybe you wanna go to the 四马路观音庙??听说很灵的。。

Anyway all the best to your job..Keep trying..Sure you can do it gal
go watch the show 'The Pursuit of Happiness'..and see how Will Smith become zero to hero thru sheer hardwork & will!

so hang on there cos the best has yet to arrive!
Even the top property agents will have problem closing deals in this 7th Month period.

Things could be better thereafter.

Hang in there.
I'm in sales too. Apparently, your friend Noelle bought stuff from me recently.

And yes, not all customers / clients we meet are nice. They made as provide lips services and get informations from us. In the end, they get the same thing from someone else, not that the bugger provides a better service... But it was purely out of convenience.

But too bad, we've to live with that.

Anyway, good luck and cheer up.

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