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Monday, August 20, 2007

Thanks.....sad world....

Thanks for all the encouragement that u guys had gave.....

Need to complain here...

Had educated on a buyer on buying properties, she insisted on getting a project near parkway parade then change her mind on getting tanjong rhu...

Brought her for viewings, show her around, drenched in the rain and trying to shelter her with my umbrella...and she insisted she want the projects in that area.....

Spent 2 days searching and gathering the research on the properties that she wants.

Just called her up....

She told me she bought a project at Newton


Not from me.....

Wa lao....


I am not angry that she went to buy somewhere out of the location she insisted on initially...

But upset why did this kind of people exist....

I always feel that if someone had served u in the beginning and that salesperson had provide u a service that u never asked for and after all being someone professional, i would stick with that person all the way.

I do not understand why people want to just go round the whole world, believing that the whole world is trying to cheat your money but whereas the person in the beginning had already gave you a good deal and even if you want something better, what's make u think he/she will not go all way out to help you?

Just open the mouth and ask lar....

Sometimes, u get the best service F.O.C ok.



Dun be sad. When you are in Sales line, you face all sorts of people.

Most people/clients dun appreciate the service rendered by sales people. Most of the time they will try to make things hard and they pick on small things at you.

This is the nature of people and our society.

Look on the bright side now. You can still contact her and find out if she wants to resell her Novena property thru you.

Maybe this time she feel Pai Seh and ask you to do it. !!!!
Oh one more thing !!! forgot to sign off in my previous comment post.

Good luck to your sales. I wish you can close your first deal very soon and the second and your third so on and so forth.

I am too like you in Sales. Struggling hard to close deals but persistence is the key and accepting rejections like these as part and parcels of life.

Best wishes!!!

Signing off - Positive Samaritan
unfortunately, that's the way it is with sales. i have friends in sales (property etc) and this is what they face everyday. it is up to you to convince that the customer that you have so good a deal that they shouldn't let the opportunity slip by. after all, what do you think the other sales person who sold your customer the newton property did? all the best and good luck!
hey there dont be disheartened by this unahhpy episode. It is after all but a small setback for you. Just treat it as a learning experience. I am sure that you can get more deals in time to come.

Hang in there and soon you will definitely be rewarded with your first deal.

So cheer up gal..(",)
Hey... my friends who are property agents also meet the same thing..

One, after losing money in property even called her and told her to pay for her loss!!! lol it's a crazy world out there with crazy people.

So don't be too angry... there'll always be people like that.
Good Luck to u OK!!
With your determination, you will make it one lah . . .=)
Sales is like that. Welcome to the real world.
Don't be sad. There's people like her, but there's also people who is not like her. Hopefully you will close a deal soon. =)

Jiayou =)
Get used to it babe! Its like that in property. Its just a very small case actually compared to many other problems which will arise in future. You just have to keep an open mind that nothing is confirmed until everything is being signed black and white. Its a very dark & evil world in the property line. The worse people are not the customers, its the many other agents out there. Very scheming, underhanded, cunning, all in the name of greed. :) I've seen so much thru out the years. Its all about taking things in your own stride and not to dwell in it and you'll go a long way.
Calm seas will never produce skilful sailors. You're currently experiencing part of the roughness where you'lll face more coming while working on this career.

Look on the bright side, stay cheeful and you will enjoy the fruit of labour when you see your achievements and pay cheque.

From Alex *pst, still waiting for your approval in friendster wor..
certainly, some sales people wanna close the sales asap to earn commission, but have they put themselves in their client's shoes? buying property is like the biggest investment for some clients. careful planning is necessary to prevent themselves from buying a property that will lose money. how to trust an agent if he/she did a sloppy job that might result in losing money? or merely to close his/her deal asap?

be sincere, work with passion, there will be rewards. everyone will see your hard work.
Yo Pretty..
Gerald here la..
So, u'r in e Property line now ya.. Din noe abou it til I read yr BLOG!! Hee..
Sales r lik tat one la.. Sianz
I oso always kana Such Idiotic thingy.. Nbz...
Sometimes frens oso treated mi tis way.. Haiz.. So sianz!!! Shit..
But wat to do?? LL lor.. Kns...
Anyway, endure ba.. Great luck to yr new JOB ya!!!
Meanwhile Tak great care!! Meet up some other time ya... :)
If u r good, I see no reason why she use another agent. Unless otherwise.
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