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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Drink Eat Play, Drink Eat Play

I havent been going out much because I was very busy, I scared I spend too much money.

But I realise, u need to go out often to destress and relax abit.

I decided to let me hair down when Miko jio me out that very day.

Actually, I got no intention to go anywhere because my head was filled with alot of stuff but I went on to enjoy myself and I really forgot about every single thing.

Met up with Ko in the noon time and went for Ice-cream before catching "881", I totally forgot about meeting my colleague until my movie end ...

We proceeded to "Restroom" @ Boat Quay since I left a bottle of cheap whiskey there (Complimentary from Mr Ng)

Initially Only me, Kelly and Miko and Andy, then I just jio whoever to help finish the bottle.

Me! I manage to cut my hair....myself....

Miko! Muakzzz

Miss Ah Gong Kelly! Muakz!

Kelly And Chang Chang Aka Alex....

Ben arrived not long ago and started to drink and drink.... That's Marcel forcing him to drink

I am Nokia (connecting people) for the night cos most of them dunno each other....I zitao just jio people to finish my cheap whiskey...

Kelly blocked my face.....

Me and Elson! Cute cute hor! Single leh, wanna know him?

Serious game cos We all getting damn high! We were playing dice first and we were so crazy and high liao that whoever drop the dice must drink. In actual fact, whoever point to who need to drink no matter what happen lar.

My funniest colleague, Ben Ang! He make me laugh all the time. He dio aim alot of times and he was so sporting that when we point to him, he just finish the poison.

We changed to playing card game, damn exciting!

All siao liao....Ben refuse to be in the picture... Dao leh!

See, we finish the first bottle of dunno simi cheap whiskey liao....Chang Chang was generous and open another bottle of Martell! Yeah!

Getting Red from the drinks....and I started to puke not because I was drunk, but I ate alot alot alot....From Ice-cream to Cheesehotdog to Nachos to beef Hor Fun to M&M's to Prawn Cracker to Whiskey to Martell & lots of green tea, u say I will puke or not.

Andy, Restroom's Boss.... never entertain other table, only us....

Dunno what happened but Ben keep hugging Miko's LV bag the whole night....

Mummy found 1 small little thing outside ourdoor....Imagine our "Gui Gui" so big liao! When we got it only that tiny..... Dunno how old also. But whole family decided that it will be our heirloom. Hahaha

I had my fun, got to pia really really hard for my work liao!

Love ya guys.

Wishlist coming up, mai siam! Hahaha


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please leh, the important point is not i keep hugging the miko's LV bag.. is my hand.. see the pose pose so good for Aaron Kowk's Dui Ni Ai Ai Ai Bu Wan~
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