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Monday, September 03, 2007

Psiseh leh

2 deals burst.....

Something unexpected stop the deal, i had tried my best and everyone assured me that it is not my fault but due to unforeseen circumstances...

Anyway, i really boh eng, havent been doing mailing for damn long....

Nearly ki siao to mail 200 over letters...

Well, got to go back to lick the stamps...

p/s: not dead yet but half....


Well, if everyone say it's not your fault, then it can't be your fault. Hope good luck comes your way soon! Jiayou!
dnt wry gal..I am sure u did ur very best in trying to clinch the deals..Your breakthrough will come in no time, with the amt of efort you have been putting in..

Hi gal,

i was wondering if you would like to try to market 1 or 2 of my properties.

but how do i contact u?
I think it's better to do something that you are good in. Hard work plays a part but luck plays a bigger part in this realistic world....
ur blog s super interesting and funny! ;) love it! blog more often, and dun worry too much. be sanguine
Don't feel too bad about it, in business there are always win and lose. Btw, regarding the guan yin lot no. 54, I checked for you in the explanation book, it means very difficult to success in the thing you ask guan yin ma, best to give up no point hanging on to it.
I think you better be a full timer blogger instead. Maybe the corporate ladder is not your way up. Your thoughts?
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