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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Countdown to 1 mth and 8 days

It will be lao niang's birthday in 1 mth and 8 days...

Nah bey, I almost forgot leh....

I been so busy busy busy....

I thought I will have a chalet and invite people wor but i guess got not enough time to plan....

All the past years, i been getting piss drunk but I had stop drinking since Devilsbar close down.

This year I think same same as last year, quiet moment with few friends to celebrate my my my....... mid twenties.....

(Lao Niang pian pian dun change my age on the left sidebar leh)


KAO! WHY???? WHY???? I dun want to grow up I dun want!!!

I dun want to see my Buey Hiao Bai beautiful face got lines so fast....

Work and work and work until not much time to rest, sure look old fast.....

I been working very hard but how come suddenly property market slow down sial?

BUT HOR, i believe I can make it one!

Hard work sure will gain!

Oh ya, that day I was telling my colleague that I am glad that lunar 7th mth is over.

He asked:"Why leh?"

I said: "Cos the ga-ga all go back liao."

Then he said, "eh.....why u believe in ghost, u dun believe that god will protect u?"

Slience moment....
I think and think.....
and think
I replied: "I believe!!! But cos ga-ga got alot leh then god so busy and so many things to do, not enough time to take care of me how?."

P/s: I think I am still the same old me!


well guess u shld take a gd break and recharge urself, esp since its for ur birthday. (",)

Well u shld be rite. After the 7th mth, property mkt shld start picking up..So dnt dnt wry too much..ur deals will come soon..

And well guess u are like any other gal, dnt like to admit that you are gettg olde.keke.. :p


Surprise to see me here? Haha... I remembered abt your blog & came in to take a look.

If you think God's too busy, maybe you may want to watch "Bruce Almighty" by Jim Carey to find out the reason why.

Wah Liao, really so many photos!Nw I know how your dancers look like liao & Your Mr Ng too.

U really r a cheongster! Well tat's wat i was when I was 25. I was always at Devils Bar every single week.

Oh well since 7th mth bo liao... Need to focus on new project liao hor?

Today kanna aeroplaned by u some more.


Ok cheong hard tonight,but remember to hand in your homework tomorrow k?

And Dun Tell me you dunno wat homework! ;P
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