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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Birthday Wishlist!

I think you all heard me said zillions of times saying "Lao Niang kan busy" liao....

I do not know when this will end but I know so long as I have no salary coming in, I got to work even harder than anyone else....

Last sat I brought Mr Ng for viewing, (even the time we spend together now link to my job) and after a long day, we both was so tired (was even sick) that we tried to take a nap. He manage to doze off for a while but my phone was ringing non-stop.

I was niam-ing to Mr Ng, "Wa lao, I so busy until I think I might even forget when is my birthday lor..."

He replied sweetly, "So long as I dun forget can liao mah..."

Anyway, My birthday wishlist, just in case I receive something I dun like, not nice, right.

1. Perfume - Christian Dior J'dore best (say so many years liao, I received none)

2. Nice Coin Pouch (Siang ho si dark colour one, my pink one become nearly brown, I so ashamed to take out)

3. New Laptop (I know crazy, but need because of work, maybe u all wanna zong money for me?)

4. MAC eyelash glue

I really dunno what I need cos I really dun need anything much. The most important is I want the people around me to be happy and very happy!


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Well Mr Ng is really sweet. Glad for you there gal.

Can understand ur situation cos my gf in the same line as you and everytime her hp just keeps ringing even at 10pm,with ppl asking her for info and stuff and us gng for viewing on weekends too.
where got ppl go arn ask for present one????
Hi, i'm sure that you can afford all those birthday wishlist....by having more sales and modeling assignments...
Not sure why you still say "no salary coming in". You just close your first Sentosa deal. This should mean good commission as houses there are expensive.

Anyway, keep it up for your new career.
Longer: I think Sentosa is referring to her team name, not the house that she sold?? And I think part of her commission goes to the company as well, so in the end she may nt get that much also.
Hi nemesis: The way I understand is that she is part of Team Sentosa (a 4 person team?) under Megaforce Propnex. I heard Megaforce is a very promising team in Propnex.

Depending on property company, Comms for new agent is about 70% (New agent) & 30% (company), company % reduced subsequently. Hence comms in closing one deal in Sentosa for herself should be OK. So may be what Apple mean to say was that "salary have not come in yet".:)

Just my 2 cents worth.
My 3rd time commenting ...

Can reply my email please ...

Really need the 4A at bishan leh ... how come i giving u business yet you dun wanna reply my email de ?
gc, I think she mentioned in the past that she is dealing with Private property (only?).

So maybe that is why she did not reply on HDB request.
Longer: Oic ..I get what you mean now.. No prob. Thanks for sharing ur views too.
No prob. nemesis,

Just know a little about the property industry and sharing it.

Strange Apple has not being blogging recently, maybe too busy closing properties deal? :))
Because hotmail is always down, i cannot log in....
hmmm perhaps u may consider getting a cosmetic ear job done on ur birthday not too much of a nose job babe
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Were you having some roadshow @ Chevron on Wed/Thur? With the Sailor uniform...
Hi poisonous lady, cant take part in the treasure hunt due to work hehe anyway just to say you looked more petie in size and prettier in person. :p sorry took so long to leave a comment, computer broke down still in the midst of servicing haha take care ya!
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