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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long Time No Do Show....

Its been quite a while that lao niang never do show liao...

Though only 1 mth but so busy until simi also dunno but recently market is quite quiet..... and I needed some pocket money...

U know i dread that feeling when u need to borrow money or spend somebody's (that somebody is Mr Ng) money and the guilty feeling bother u throughout your whole life...

Like you own that person something.....

I still prefer to earn my own money and buy whatever I want without seeking anyone's permission.


Me: Happily showing a nice top and asked "Dear, Nice or not?"

Then ser-ca-lly he said not nice and I "L. P.P.L." got put back.

Not that Mr Ng is like that (he let me buy everything though haha) but that feeling no good leh.

Me and Zeta at Union Square on Mon! Long time never see her, after work we zitao go drink kopi!

I think this was on Thur, Lovely Rachel!

Esther! Who is also doing lesser shows and concentrating on her full time career.

Doing this is SIA dunno simi event.....

After abusing myself for 5 days and eating only bread and porridge, I look forward to paktor with Mr Ng every Sat. He always feed me with good food! We are going for lobster next week!

We went to this place call "Friends" @ Serangoon Gardens. Lovely Pork Jaws! I LOVE THE FATS!

Mr Ng's tenderloin steak, he complained too salty.

I had ribeye steak wrap with bacon, very lovely!

Dessert was dunno what with ice-cream, ok nia, I find it too flour-ly liao

Ok, going to work liao. Got to study my project cos my team members going to test me tomorrow.



Hihi.. The FRIENDS restaurant you went too.. How much did you spend? The food looks good thou.. Is it this?

yup indeed the property seems to have quieten down in the past few weeks according to my frens in the same industry. So guess you must be quite sianz at work as well??

And you really look chio in that red bikini outfit of yours, not to mention u have a great figure and looks too. (",)
Apple , i need a 4A place at Bishan ... any recommendations ?

Email me ya ... Thanx *Urgent*
OMG! u are getting skinner and skinner =( Pls eat more and take care of urself =)
Yes, VERY chio! Chio chio!

Real estate question: Has the market really slowed down? Is there a glut of units out there now since many of the buildings are topping out?
hey hey i love ur style of writing! great figure u have there :D
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