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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

*Revised - The search for "The One"

Seriously, all the scolding and complaining about male species....

I didnt give up and I am still




for the man, for the one.

I hope he will be someone who

Appearance wise: Taller than me, not too skinny, tanned, if can hor, look like some of the Hongkong actors lagi best but don't have also never mind cos too good-looking I also worried.

Hobbies Wise: Enjoys singing, loves to dance, willing to try bungee-jumping and roller coaster, can roller blade, likes to watch plays, loves everything about Egypt, loves to watch discovery channel, loves comedy, loves Stephen Chow and Adam Sandler (Dont love also never mind otherwise seems gay also)

Character wise: Hardworking, knowledgeable, kind-hearted, Generous, Understanding, Sensitive

Personality wise: Out-going, friendly, sociable (but not too sociable with women), humorous, sporting (means can tolerate any form of punishment when play games)

Horoscope wise: Libra, Leo preferred but not these 2 also never mind cos cannot be too greedy

Note: Cannot walk too fast, must pull the chair for me, gives me flowers, open the doors for me (every single door, my car door even if I am the driver and toilet doors included) all in all is to be very gentleman. Also to buy me small little gifts to let me know he do think of me, must give me alot of assurance, call me everyday, sms me everyday.

Last but not least: Loves me for who I am.

My wishlist to "that person above" for a man I want send up very long but "that person above" always send me a wrong one.

Never mind, if everything above else fail, just send me someone who loves me alot and I loves him a little bit will do.


Please call 1800-POISONOUS now!

Poisonlady is ready for dating now, feel free to call the above number.

Press #1 if you think u fit the requirement above.

Press #2 if you don't fit the requirement and still want to try.

Press #3 if you think you fit the requirement and you think poisonlady's friends are better.

Press #4 if you wish us to match you with anyone (including men) who is available.

Press #5 if you wish to help your friend match with poisonlady.

Press #6 if you are a female and you think your partner is also calling the same number and we will teach you the steps to make a bomb to blow up his handphone.

Press #7 if you are a male and you think your partner is also calling the same number and you suspect she is turning lesbian, we will need to verify her details. Please get ready her I/C number.

Press #8 if you just want to tell Poisonlady that she is pretty and nice.

Press #9 if you want any love advice.
Continue with pressing #1 if you are a man
You will hear the reply of "Please be prepare that there are 13248327 options"
Continue with Pressing #2 if you are a woman
You will hear the reply of "Just give that man a blowjob. "

Press #0 if you just want to talk to poisonlady who might just reply you with "I am very very busy lor"

Thank you.

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I think is very hard to find someone that.

Have to wait long long.

Ha Ha.

Silly girl
Don't expect anything good if you still have this blog. Men will think you are cheap. Sorry to say that. Ask your close guy friends for their opinion.

What happened to Mr. Ng? Mr. *PP replacing Mr. Ng?

No post regarding that....
Sigh, like watching serial then you miss one episode and then you catch no ball already.

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1800-POISONOUS : The number you have dialed is invalid.
i thought it starts with 1900? hee heee
Press #8

I do think you are nice and pretty, and most importantly, I think you are a very sincere person, so whoever who love you and get your love back will be very lucky. Hope the right guy comes along soon! =D
i think u are not independent at all. just a while broke off with mr ng and now u looking for sumone else. aren't u desperate?
Looking for someone else does not mean unable to be independent.

She just wants to live her life together with the right person, what's wrong with that?

In life, everyone needs some form of emotional support. Finding the better half is not equal to being dependent on the other half, but just to find someone who can make you whole.

She is NOT desperate, but rather, ain't you desperately trying to put people down?
I enjoy this entry...
So entertaining...
I like to press #1 but I think u r too high to maintain for me.
I will press #8 instead for this sweet lady...

U got MSN to chat on?

/For someone like u, if you never change and continue your current lifestyle i will bet with you no guys will be serious about you

you may be alright looking but you will end up alone and lonely

All are caused by yourself
I've met her once and although she dun know me, i can tell she's one special girl if with the right guy. But yr requirements on yr blog will scare some guys away though. I don't think i'm rich enough to maintain yr lifestyle, so all the best for you.
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