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Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Handphone.....Finally....

After my 6mth old handphone died on me for so long and been using a my lousy old phone which I cant sms out, finally I got a new one.....

I been so busy to go out to shop around, last weekend I finally have a chance......

Last sat, I went out with my friend, I decided to name him,*PP.

Wanted *PP to accompany me for a new phone but instead I went shopping with him for his clothes instead.

I am not the kind to shop for very long and I buy things very fast. He didnt really take a long time though but I was yawning throughout in Hugo Boss while he tried out his suit......

He said he will compensate me by accompany me to shop for my new phone.

I think I only took 5 mins to get the phone I want.......

Was just walking pass one shop and immediately something "golden golden" caught my eyes.

I fell in love with the W880I immediately! The moment I saw it, he asked me whether I like it.

I keep nodding my head and just smiling silly at the phone.

He decided to just get it for me because he knows alot of people cannot get in touch with me.

I am so happy!!!!

So slim! I like it! Simple and enough functions! I never like a phone with too many features.....

With also a new phone, he let me indulged in the warm brownie with ice-cream!

With fruit punch!

Thanks! *PP! 3 weeks away for business trip, i think this home-stayer is going crazy.

*Name and face to be keep confidential

After meeting *PP, i went over to meet the girls for movie.

Caught "Hellboy 2" but nearly fell asleep, not very bad lar but not very good also lor.

Went over to Sherry's hse to drink and chit chat.

Normally I dont drink but since she left abit of Martell and I been very stressed up about sales this 2 weeks, I wanted to relax abit.

But I cant even finish 1/4 bottle from 3am to 6am.

Clearly a lousy drinker.

Enjoy your lovely Monday!


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