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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy Me!


I am rushing out soon but thought I just say Good Morning!!!!

I been quite busy this whole week also...

Think I been meeting my gfs alot, we had alot of activities recently...

And tonight we are going for movie!

I cant really say much now (and I got so much to share) but I will upload the photos soon!

Btw, anyone know which Sim Lim shop is reputable and good? My friend wants to get a HP Tablet Laptop but we are quite scared to anyhow walk into a shop wor...

Got that kind of will-be-rip feeling leh...

Thanks ah!


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i'm a buyer in my school.
I know the sales person in HP.
Do u want me to help?
Mayb can try Challenger.
hi... Enjoy reading your blog & your pics...
Got MSN to chat on?
What about trying PA Mart? Friendly people there, pricing wise, still quite normal.
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