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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Life is getting very meaningful now, realize there are so many things to do!

Alot of people are concern about me, but I am really really really alright.

I am rational enough to know what I want and I know what I need to look forward to.

I spent alot of times writing, thinking and reading acquiring new knowledge, using my brain more now instead of my heart.

I am going to get my goal real soon, some of my friends find I am weird to have a goal like this because I seriously don't look like a kind-hearted person and I am not going to tell u in case some nut case appear to write stupid comments.

I will always get what I want and I believe in myself in getting what I want!


Didnt know sometimes stomp got my photos....went up to steal them! Jeannie, Gillian and Me!

I actually find this guy damn cute! Was actually planning to steal his poster. I dunno him at all though and I never even see him in real.

Bernice also find him cute, haha!

There was one fine weekday where we had a sister day out! Shopping and eating!

I will always be the driver unless daddy is around.

Forever.....checking the mirror... I not vain hor... I AM SIBEI VAIN!

Been wanting to try this restaurant since my friend bought me to eat and I love it!

Their famous bbq grill!

I had a wafu beef burger!

2nd Sis got a teriyaki set!

Youngest sis had Katsu set!

We went shopping and think we walk alot sial but I love spending time with them though sometimes I am very busy but mostly if they jio, I will try my best to make it.

2nd sis burn a big hole in her pocket and my pocket because she had been clearing my credit card bills but I promise I will return to her soon!

Sibei heng to have her when I am a very poor person now.

Going to do alot alot of shows this month, thanks god!


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wau...ur life very interesting..i never get tired of reading ur blog.. :)
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