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Monday, May 12, 2008


Photos Time!

Did a private function at Cafe Del Mar. Bikini Girls!

Huiqi brought baby Lucas to my house, sooooo cute!

He is really very cute! More photos at her blog! 4 months old!

Instead of any fancy toys, Huiqi and her hubby train baby to play with this.......lucky my house got alot for him to play....

Finally my yearly boxing event!

The girls! 2 missing cs they were to the toilet.....

Thanks for the hard work!

The ring....

Esther helping me to coordinate them!

Went out for lunch......

Aiyo...how come my hair so messy?



Bought a new pair of shoes! I think to date i have about 70 pairs?

Family gathering at Grandmum place for Mother's Day! My neice! Going around taking pictures

That's my cousin.....

Single but she like tall guys......

My uncle......Clyde's dad

That cousin (above) dad

That's my niece maid.....

That cousin again......

I think this is another family maid......

Hmmmmm what are they busy with?

My sis and her bf.....getting married soon......i think sooner than me.....


That's my nephew, that neice brother....so young know how to use camera lor.....

That cousin and my youngest sis!

My daddy!


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hi! where did you buy that sportshoes cum heel shoe?! i wanna buy!
yah yah.. I'd wanna ask the same thing. Been looking for this kinda shoes but so far can't find nice ones.. where did ya get it from apple?
Bugis Village got sell....59.90
Is bugis village the one across the road opposite bugis junction?
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