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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hope you guys enjoyed your lovely Labour Day!

It is good friday today!!

As least for me....

Resting at home now, taking a big break from my property work. Colleagues will be covering me.
Getting too stressed up now so will be concentrating more on Pitstop Cleaning and Modelling!

Mr Ng knows I been getting very cranky and hot tempered so he asked me to stay at home and become a temporary Tai Tai...

Food and shopping he will cover....

I got a lovely man!

I going to watch TV now....Bye Bye!

Wei, tomorrow i got to wake up very early to train my new workers hor so dun think I really got super good life.....

Met up June! She is now flying high! Great to see you again sweets! Remember fly korea let me know hor!

Went out with Mr Ng yesterday late because I got to train the new worker!

Yup! I love him too!

On the phone again and again......

Si ti ko peh.... he kept looking at my boobs corset top

We are very happy just spending time with each other!

Still on the phone......

Now my legs.....hmmmmm

Lai liao, he starts to Zi lian.....

He brought me to my favourite "Charcoal" Jap Bbq despite got ulcers.....

I ate alot and I tried to refrain from feeding him too much red meat cos he is not feeling well recently....

Btw, he used to be very into photography....now the he got free model....

I wish some shampoo company will ask me to take a commerical shoot, I am proud of my hair, you know.

*Off to watch VCD!

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hi apple! i agree, a shampoo company should make you their spokeswoman. your hair is indeed lovely, very silky and healthy looking. how do you maintain it? hope you don't mind sharing.

- N -
hihi. can i know where is the jap bbq restaurant???
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