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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Gillian!

I think most of the girls doing job realise that we are not seeing each other as often as last time when we were working.

Some of us either are busy with working, busy with families,planning for career, we are not doing shows as much now.

We do try to make a point to meet up, even for a short while. Just to have coffee and gossip here and there a bit.

Thanks to Stella for always organizing. She is damn good at organizing our meet-up, partially because she is at home doing nothing so damn free taking care of her husband most of the times.

We prefer to just sit down and talk...

and talk

and talk....

and talk

and only talk....

Rather than to party like siao like last time.

When last week, Stella smsed us to meet up last night for dinner with Gillian and till yesterday hor, everyone was wondering where to go for dinner lor because Gillian until like 3pm then tell us to meet at Dempsey Road for Dinner.

But 4pm, she decided to change venue, to a cheaper but also nice korean place to eat due to everyone no money is learning how to save for rainy days.

Anyway, we decided that Stella will be the "Chairman of Freelance Models Gatherings Committee" now.

Lai, Photos!

The Korean BBQ at West Coast!

I drove a little bit too fast and reach at 6.30pm, Gillian had to rush down to keep me company.

Saw this cute little towels and while Zeta was holding it in her hand at first, i shouted "Why Lao Niang Dont have huh?" then they throw the whole bowl to me.....

We manage to reserve a room cos we are really too noisy liao..... Room have to spend $200 so we were busy keeping track of the budget.....

Zeta after work, she is a busy working office lady now.... She looks very tired. I short of 1 person to meet for Kopi in the noon liao....

Little-bit-high Angeline arrive after Zeta. She is also very noisy de.....

By the time more than half (total 7) arrived, I was eating like crazy liao....

Left with Judy (Went for training) & Stella (Who was still at Custom lor) The side dish alot alot alot hor! FREE one I think!

Finally Stella arrived! The present we shared.

7 of us! 9.48pm because still got 2 girls rushing to work @10pm.

Gillian Demonstrate how to eat


Meeting my Mr Ng for dinner soon!

Bye Bye

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