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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Girls!

Wow, thanks for all the concern comments....

Me and Mr Ng is alright now....

We had talk through the problems and we decided the we will take each other hands and solve everything together.

I am cherishing him more, treating him even better, trying to understand him, spending more time with him, learning how to love him more, preparing myself for more commitment....

I feel that:

If he loves you, then you should be happy and appreciate whatever he do for you.

If he doesn't love you, set him free and let him be happy. At least you still got a chance to see him happy.

What if one day, either one of us is not in this world anymore? We got no chance to even talk or find faults.

Everyday I will tell Mr Ng that I loves him and he always find it amusing why I can repeat everyday and not sian one.

I always told him that we might not know what will happen the next day and it is better to say than never.

Though that Si gui still believes that "I love you" cannot everytime say cos he feels like no "freshness" like that but I always make sure I look into his eyes and say that 3 words.

Anyway, everyday to me is a new experience and a new learning process.

And I hope I will be happy!

Photos! ALOT!

Last Last Fri Night, preparing myself to go out!

Met Zeta at Butter Factory! Had pineapple Malibu before we hop to:


Seems the same photo but we are actually in the queue for Velvet!

Long Queue wor but we manage to get in without queuing!

I think we are at zouk or phuture? Had some Vodka!

I think we are at Barfly with Evon and Karen! Had some calsberg

Then we went to White bar @ Boat Quay to sing KTV and finish the chivas!

Karen TOK!

Zeta and Jeremy!

The 2 good friends!

The 2 other good friends! Haha

4 of us!

This girl damn good....she had dinner but die die want to order food...dunno how many streets she run before she found her mussels

Siao liao lor...

I think we are at St James! Having Tiger Beer!

Fooling around with Zeta's necklace....

My turn....



If I dun like that, I will die of boredoom.....


Before we left for home outside dragonfly with Hennessey at the top of the stomach....

Saw Ali......From Devils to St James....He is leaving for his future....

Did a Opening for "Motorway" Launching of Ssangyong on Last Thur!

Judy and Stella! At Boat Quay TCC!

We went to look for Sherry actually!

Me and Lovely girl! I Find her fierce fierce long time ago but she actually is SIAO ONE!

Judy and Thea!

The girls! Girls Night out rocks!

Thanks to all the lovely friends I had!

I wish they will find their true love for those singles ones (most of them) and the attached one happily ever after!


P/s: Off to Sentosa with Mr Ng tomorrow!

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hey may i know which agency are you under? i want to do shows too but quite scared i get cheated into the wrong agency. thanks!
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