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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Face.......

I been promising my beauty routine for very long....since I am free...here goes...

For removing my thick make-up:

TDF Wash off Cleansing! I find it very good to remove my makeup, very clean and does not dry out skin. Quite cheap also! Can be bought from clinic and hospital.

For Cleansing:

Dermedex Biotox Cleanser ($48) Used to have very serious clogged pores but after using only 2 days, can see dramatic improvement! I love it!Best cleanser I ever used! Only be found at beauty salon! All 3 of us sisters are using it! You can get from my Therapist, Vivian 98572943

If you are skeptical, you can try out their challenge pack, not bad wor!

To clear out blackheads:

Cellnique Pro Series Sebum Gel! ($69.90) I bought it from Sasa to try out and I really love how it clear my pores but use up very fast cos got to put quite thick. I run out of it now, need to stock up at least 2 each time....Duh....I wish I can get it cheaper....(The Dermedex refining cream is another great product but I just dun like the texture though)

So far, this are the 3 things I die die love! Havent found anything superb for eyes yet though, still trying out a few.

Although I am vain but cannot afford to spend too much on skincare as I want to go for plastic surgery leh so i only use those that works great and not to expensive ones.

Try to find something that suits you, dun keep changing hor.


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dermedex refining cream is awesome.. used to has really bad skin conditon and after using it it improved tremendously.. thumbs for that :)
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