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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unfortunately Restless

I think Libra people always like to take some off days to spend some time with ownself.

There are moments where I will not go out or socialize too much. Not because I am having any symptoms of mental illness but I think I enjoy spending time with myself.

The past few days I would stay at home and slowly do my stuffs. Apart from doing shows and meeting Mr Ng, I didn't go out much.

Even meeting Mr Ng seems to associate with my work, we been shopping for a house recently or I should rephrase, I been helping him to shop for a house?

Lao Niang not getting married oki.

So I been giving myself more time to spend with erm...myself if you know what i meant.

I sleep more and try not to think too much and do everything with more relaxed mode.

Festival season and I am very in the holiday mood now.

Mr Ng going to bring me to Phuket from 22 Dec 07 till 26 Dec 07 to spend out christmas there.

Well, I do hate the sun and the beach though and I prefer to remain fair so my only motive is to go there to parade in my bikini and also for "Bungee Jumping"

(Only if I do not regret when I reach there)

Friends are all wondering how come they have not seen me for the past weeks or even months!?? I do apologize for the vanishing act.

Not I bo xim hor, is just sometimes things really came at the wrong moment and altogether.

I promise to do a meet up soon.

I will be back soon, getting my life back I mean.

p/s: Wanna go Thumper? Seems to have devils bar songs...HA HA

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