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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am soooo lazy....

Aiyo, I been so lazy to blog, recently property been rather slow so I also doing things very slowly...

Thank god got some shows to cover my bread, at least i wont go hungry.....

Anyone want to sell house? Come find me leh....

Photo Times!!!!!

Did an SIA event @ MOS!

Gillian & Emily!

Me and Emily! Where are we looking sial.....

Gillian and Me!!

Me and Sherry! NB got red after just 1 glass....

Gillian! Thanks for the show!

Damn skinny....

Mr Ng brought me to dunno which restaurant at Raffles Hotel there, we both love Clam Chowder Soup!

My darling! Muakzzzz

My roasted beef! Damn shoik!

His ribs! Yummy too!

Did a launch with Jomantha, Ice and Yuki!

Mr Ng last sat die die drove us to Jurong, I was starving after doing a cosmetic catwalk and he keep telling me he will bring me to a place I SURE WILL LIKE, i tot he bringing me to eat sial. Keep asking me to look look look....

I finially saw this!


See I so happy!

Me and my Man!

Went to see the small small pathetic exibition

Though all damn fake but i still love it!

Maybe my previous life is an egyptian...Hur Hur Hur

I hope then this man was my prince!

Need to arrange some viewings!

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