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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anyone to Adopt?

Sometime back, below our void deck came a poor female stray cat, being kind hearted and bored, my mum feed it whenever she is free.

The female cat repay back by stroking my mum's leg by using her furry body and would response by running over whenever we called out to her. Amazingly, she can even find her way outside our doorstep whenever she feels hungry.

Unfortunately, this cat was raped, got pregnant and gave birth to 4 cute tiny kittens. we love the 4 tiny things to bits. Trying to shelter them from any harm (Etc, small children who think is fun to pull their tail), we decided to keep them just outside our corridor and in the meanwhile, finding kindhearted people to adopt them.

Very sadly, 1 went missing and the other 1 was found dead, discovered that it was being thrown down from our block.

My mummy brought mother cat down to see her baby and mummy told me that when mother cat saw her dead kitten, walked slowly over to it and licked her motionless body in the rain. Then mother cat started to cry very loudly (Dun ask me how a cat cry, it just cried). It was such a heartbreaking incident that even I grief for her poor baby.

Left with only "Xiaohei" and "Xiaobai" in the end and we watched this 2 kittens grown up into lovely, mischievous cats.

But then, that stupid female cat got raped again and was found pregnant the second time with another 4 kittens.

1 went missing (dunno why always like that) and we manage to find 2 lovely young ladies to adopt the 3 small kittens. They took a look at the grown-up "Xiaohei" and "Xiaobai" and found them too big.

So Xiaohei and Xiaobai was stuck with us again.

All of us couldnt bear to call SPCA to let SPCA put them to sleep. How could we be so heartless and after so long, we do developed some feelings for the cats.

I think this cause some disturbance to our opposite neighbor and without any warning, wrote letter to Town Council many times to complain about us.

We understand that we are at fault for letting 2 stray cats outside our house but what can we do?

The neighbor dunno when kisiao and start to keep a lookout for the cats, even though he never ever open his front door, he would know when cats are back (they went upstair mostly to play) and start hitting the grilling gate with a wooden rod.

It scared the shit out of us and we wonder whether he had hit the cats or not because "Xiaohei" and "Xiaobai" and start to run away whenever any human being go near. There was little we can do so please spread the words out and help to adopt this 2 cats or else that crazy neighbor might turn violent and hit them anytime.

My sister was very angry because she got shouted when she tried to tell them not to scared the cats.

A letter she wrote which I found it amusing:(Extract from her blog)

Dear neighbour,
It is with utter disgust that I began this letter with such intimate salutation. Nonetheless, this is out of respect as you belong to the same clan with me staying in this planet with such coincidence. Anyway, the first two sentences of this letter serve no purpose other than to speak with some sarcasm and this sentence serve to point that out to you just in case you just cannot get it.

The main purpose of this letter is to point out to you our difficulties that you have kindly raised to the Town Council and MP for the past few months. We really appreciate your gestures (including slamming the door loudly, taking photos of our door, sending complaint letters to the authority) to indirectly tell us your great displeasure. As an educated Singaporean, I hope to resolve this matter with you in a more mature way.

If you think that we have not been dealing with this matter, you are absolutely wrong. I hope you have realized that that are initially eight young kittens roaming about and currently only two left. We do understand from your perspective that the kittens are causing you much disturbances but please also see things from OUR point of view. We have tried means and ways to find kind owners to adopt the kittens but it just failed.

Unlike many wicked people roaming outside who just want to dump the poor kittens to anybody, we wish to find serious owner who are willing to take good care of the kittens. True, we can call SPCA and get them to put these kittens to sleep. Or just dump them at the coffee shops and get bullied by nonsensical people. But we never. We strongly believe this is not the right value we wish to inculcate to our future generations.

If you have been more observant, you might have notice the tummy of the mother cat, which is unfortunately pregnant again. If you think this is one of our evil plot to take revenge for your absurd actions, I must again point out to you that you are wrong again. We have absolutely no intention to do that to you. We are also greatly disturbed by this. We are currently still on the lookout for cat owners to adopt them. If you, in the most unlikely probability, have such contacts, please do not hesitate to slot it into our mail box or under our door.

If you still cannot get my point after this long letter, please then ignore the top half of the letter and concentrate here:


In the event that you are boiling mad after reading the letter, I must reiterate that we are not as wicked as you think we are. We are just normal beings who have no wish to incur the wrath of our neighbour. What has had happened is just a result of being at the wrong place, wrong time and dealing with the wrong people. We seek your kind understanding.

P/s: Do email me if you know of anyone who can adopt 2 lovely cats.Thanks!


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Apple, did you purpurly make the fonts sibei small so that i need to change my resolution specially to read your blog ?

Nevertheless, its good. Can exercise moi LCD ... Big Small ... Big Small ...
i'm so sorry to hear about the fate of the kitties and the harassment you're getting from your neighbour. i'm sure you realize that the mummy cat is not asking or willingly allowing herself to be "raped", that's just the way nature is. she goes into heat and some male cat is bound to come along and mate with her. if she had been spayed/fixed by a vet to begin with, you would not have problems with the subsequent litters. i strongly suggest that you bring her to a vet to get spayed so that there won't be more kittens for the heartless people out there to torture. please check www.catwelfare.org & contact the people there to find out how you can get the mummy cat spayed and also list all the kittys up for adoption. good luck & and i hope all the fuzzies find good homes soon. bless your heart, and all the best to you.
yes, pls get the mummy cat neutered...if not u will be faced with the same situation over & over...

any pics of the kitties, we can help to ask around..but will help if got some pics..and whether male or female kitties? :) thks!
why must keep the cats outside? why cant keep them in the house?
Hey apple, if someone rape you would you ne still so kind?
Babe, what colour are the kittens?
many of us cat lovers would love to welcome more cats into our homes, it's just that we do not live alone and have to accomodate for the other human residents as well as animal residents. i'm sure apple has considerations which do not allow her to bring more kitties into her home...

poi, do share some pics of the kitties and let us know if you know whether they're male or female. it'll be easier to adopt them out once this info is available.
The only way to stop the female kitty to get preg is to sterilised her once and all.
Hope some cat lovers can adopt the kitties...
BTW...yr sis ang mo sibei power...hahaha...
there is a cattery at pasir ris pet villa , it is called Animals lovers league. they take in strays and abused pets..dogs and cats

Pet Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3,
Singapore 518232
Hi dear... first time leaving a comment though it is nothing related to the post. I like your gunho and carefree spirit. Thanks gal. Reading your blog has been inspirational :)
I am a stray cat feeder. There was a cat which kept coming to my corridor and I usually lure him to the void deck to feed him because my neighbour complains too.

I have since started to feed the strays religiously under my block. Of course, there are alot of people who threw me with abusive stares but I am just glad that my cats are still safe and fine after so many months.

Perhaps you might want to lure them downstairs, keep them there and not upstairs. I agree that you really ought to sterilise the poor female cat. It's very unhealthy for a cat to keep getting pregnant.
U should sterilise the cat. less probs.
I know it's going to cost some $$, but please do consider bringing the cats to the vet to be sterilised. I don't remember if cat-culling is still practised, but once the cats are sterilised, it means they are "taken care of", and they cannot be culled, or taken away.
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