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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Year End Soon!

I been very lost recently, decide for a change to do some private rentals first before moving back to doing sales.

I think the most important thing is you know when to pick yourself up when you fall....

I remembered Sugersweet once told me "Tough time dun last, tough people do".

Thanks for all the people around me who had been very supportive, especially my team members who stood by me and gave me encouragement!

Anyway, I always love Oct - Dec!

The D&D period where I can do some events and I get to dressed up!

Photos Time!

Was doing for a big company on Fri, their theme was "Moulin Rouge"! Hair stylist did a great job for my hair! I so love it!

I think we look more like spanish dancer than moulin rouge though.....

Jomantha! We are the purple girls for the night!

Mr Ng brought me to Boon Tong Kee for some expensive chicken rice, aiya forgot to take whole body photo, I damn stylo milo that night!

Was doing another D&D for another big company on Sat, James Bond Theme, I look more like "Storm" though

Not bad hor, I like!

Mr Ng had to wait for me to finish my work, nearly fall asleep. Poor Fellow....

I love to be able to have so many image! Then bf wont be sian mah!


P/s: Thanks to those who just got into my blog and start to follow up with my life.

Coming up next (Hopefully got time): My beauty routine.

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I want to do these promotions too
hi there!

I'm currently a teacher and i'm on holidays now. I'm looking for some part time event jobs.

May i know where you get your job offers from?

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