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Monday, October 22, 2007


Happy Birthday to me!!!

**Warning: Fulled of hatred and full of love very long post.

Lao Niang just got home last night and receive this email that make my birthday mood spoilt....

I WAS SO UPSET! I havent got angry for a long time but I feel that things was being treated unfairly to me.

I feel like posting that pig holding onto a handphone photo here in my blog, if you want to see his face, email me. I send you and you can avoid any dealings with this stupid property agent.


Someone actually told me not to pursued the matter, how can I???

I was just a small young 3 mth old associate trying to point out something I felt unethical and I kena flamed by a very white white fat pig who is an experience agent.

How fair this world is.

Just because he is "siao" he can do anything he want, if I also "siao", I can also do anything I want?

I admit I am always defensive and protective but being young and somemore a char boh who stepped into the society early, I cannot expect anyone to bully me.

Anyway, I just need to rant here but please look though the photos for some happy moments!

The girls gave me a shock by meeting me for dinner for a pre-birthday celebration! Mat and Kelly!

Me and Ju! I was rather shock then surprise and I was so happy that I dunno how to express myself....

My birthday present! Coach Coinpouch! Thanks! I love it alot alot!

We had Jap food! My fav potato salad!

Best Best friend of 14 years, Vincent came over and join me!

He bought me a Tiffany Bracelet, he said to make up for past years present.... Thank you! I promise to wear it almost everyday.

Thank you!!!! Too bad Miko was sick cannot make it but I look forward to see her on wed!

The restaurant! Very crowded, must make reservation!

Went to Villa Bali with this sweeties!

Me and Kelly!






Me and Marilyn! Long time never see her!

Mr Ng was very sweet! Brought me to Merchant Court Hotel for a weekend stay.

The bathroom! I love the bathtub!

We got pool view!

Brought me to eat Jap food......again.....


My darling!

Before we left for dinner.....

Aiyo, paiseh the room so messy......I always throw the things around and he got to pack up and keep neatly.... good housewifehusband hor!

Before leaving! Long time no take photo together liao.....

Muakzzzzzzzz I SO LOVE YOU!

We went to St James again for dinner cos I miss the beef alot!!!! See I so happy with the big big fire!

We had a set meal for 2 which includes 2 plates of beef fillet, 2 salmon rice in soup, 2 yogurt drink, 1 salad, seafood platter, 1 superior marbled beef. I added another 2 plates of marbled beef and 3 plates of streaky pork. HAHA I can eat alot of meat!

My darling cannot eat liao and in the end I finished 1 whole plate of marbled beef, so shoik!!

Back to our room and before hit midnight, I caught him putting on the candles for me while I was in the bathroom. So cute hor, his face!

Hello! Thank you!

So cute, I so love you!

The cake that he went alot of places to buy cos he cannot found a smaller one.

Will you love me forever?

I was actually wearing a bathrobe and he insist I change to take photo..... Duh....

Making a wish! I make it for the second time! Hope it comes true!

Happy birthday to me!!!

Cutting the cake!

Thank you!

Thanks for making my birthday such an memorable one!

Thanks for the lovely present! (I change it to red colour today to match my coin pouch)

Back at home, I was so tired that I zitao change into my pjs and took a nap but family members bought me a cake! Make my wishes for the 3rd time! Sure will come true liao

To my friends who are there for me. Though I had been so crazy busy and heartless, you all are there during my special day.

To dear dear for planning my birthday and spending so much effort, money and time just to make my day a special one. It was really special and you showered me with alot of attentions.

To my family who was there for me as well. Mummy for cooking me the mee sua!

I thank all of you for being in my life. Though I been so busy and my results are not shown yet but I will make sure I will not disappoint you people. Thanks for being so understanding and standing by me all the time.

Thank you!


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You are really fortunate with a group of die hard friends and loving bf. that makes many ppls envy already. take care and happy belated birthday.
Receive my card le ma ?
happen to pass by.... nice wonderful birthday with many best friends around + BF too!! Such a caring guy, u are fortunate lah!!

happy belated birthday!!

i think you look beautiful without makeup too =)
Hi, are you going for the superimportnights in Nov? Or you will be part of it during the show...

I'll be there... to catch the glamour of the motor cars... hehe... the models oso lah.. KT So...
I've been an ardent reader of ur blog for a few years. =)

Feels happy to know that u are so happy.

I'll pray and hope ur wish comes true okies?

had a good hump with your bf that night in the hotel room?
woohoo! hope u had a great fuck!
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