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Monday, October 29, 2007

Shut down.....

Was watching a chinese drama with my 2 sisters last night...

Saw a scene where the female actor was in coma for 3 years and when she woke up, she totally cannot remember anyone....

Second Sister: Wah, you dont think very ke lian meh.....

Lao Niang: Ya lar, imagine cannot remember anyone....

Second Sister: Imagine you being coma for 3 years, I think we shut you down, better that why, right?

Lao Niang: WHY???!!!! WHY?!!!! WHY YOU WANT TO SHUT ME DOWN???!!!!!

Second Sister: So torturing mah, wake up cannot even remember us, maybe forever also cannot remember.

Lao Niang: Wa lao, you heartless sister, if you shut me down, I will wait for you down there and question you.

Second Sister: Ya, wait for us by the gate hor....stand there everyday

Lao Niang: .....

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Hey babe, happy belated birthday!!!

Waraku is a vey nice place!! I went there also for my brithday celebration, if next time u going there agin, try the sashimi salad (got tuna, salmon, cuttle fish etc), is very nice, the wasabi is welly mixed with the sashimi. :D

May your wishes come true. :D
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