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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Been cooping around at home and realise Miko and Ju went to HK, i guess we have to meet up after christmas or even new year.

I think it will be the 3rd year for us to get together in this festive season, how i miss the girls....

I am starting to go out more now, good for my health but bad for my pocket.

I am going to Phuket this sat so enjoy yourself!!

Yday was a great beauty day!

I went for rebonding!!!!!!!


My journey starts at 9am and I reach there about 9.30. Karen from Yishun (97898251) did my rebonding for I think 3 years liao and I been very happy with her!

She charge 80-100 for long hair but u must be prepared to do it at her home and she got alot alot of people.

I ended at 3pm and I see got like 10 people waiting for her, lucky i went early!

Shiny right? She is very pro lor!

Next I went for arcylic nails at 4.30pm! I been thinking of doing for very long and one girl recommended me her friend who is very good at doing that but also must do at her house!

But quite comfy though, Lynette is semi-retired liao but I still miss her, she got good skills!

My arcylic nails she charge only $75! She told me basic is about $60 but with nail art will range extra from $20-30!

Nice hor! but remember not to do too long for your thumb cos very uncomfortable. I finally got long nails!

Her name is Cynthia (96777776) near CCK, You can sms her, she is very patient with me! I ended at 7.45pm

Nice right! I am going for french next round! I finally got long nails (i always bite my nails when I am stress up)

Then I went for my brazilian waxing and facial with Vivian (98572943) at CCK also at 8.30pm. Vivian was intro to me by Miko when I first know Miko.

So far I had been doing for also 3 or 4 years liao and I really like the "clean" feeling!

Vivian charge waxing first time for $50 and after that is $35, Basic facial(with extraction) I think around $50.

All of them are not hard sell kind, they wont ask you or push you to buy products and the best of all, they really love their job and they are very sincere.

They never pay me to advertise for them hor but I tot since got such good stuff must share!

I am planning a new nose which Mr Ng refuse to sponser for Christmas, next also botox to reshape my face and whitening injection to make myself fair fair!

I will be a happiest woman!

Packing my bags now while Mr Ng is at velvet drinking...... -_-

I am obsessed with myself and I love every moment of it!


OMG! you nv wait for us to go first then advertise...
thanks for sharing! :)
thanks for sharing your lobangs! i went to cynthia's today after reading your blog some time back, and i have to agree, she is a very nice lady, very patient! best of all, near my place and not expensive! =D
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