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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paiseh Hor

Wa, I know I havent been blogging and I really apologize for that.....

I been busy with my new business but the good news is that I got money rolling in already!

Still doing property also and I had moved to another company where my good friends are there and I had been very happy!

Still doing shows also but been cutting down and rather choosy.....

I will update soon cos I need to help my new business to advertise as well!

Keeping my finger cross to sell my units, waiting for the buyer to response.

Wish me luck in closing more deals!


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Wow, Congrats, a new business but money already rolling in, that's quick.
Yeah ... wonder a quick return business indeed. Wonder what ??
I am sure Apple will be sharing more about her new business as she already said that she need to advertise it.

So stay tune.
which property company u in now?

interested to buy a flat
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