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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



How have you all been? Thanks for all the concern email, I am ok lar, just feel very stress up with my work and maybe things came too fast and I cannot take it lor....

Got alot of clients to meet, got alot of calls to handle, got my show to do, got auditions, got to buy costume......

Btw, my cleaning company is HOUSE CLEANING leh, not car grooming hor...

Some people email me how much to charge for their car, to groom nicely nicely...


I dunno how to groom car...I dun even groom Xiao Hei lor....

I been cleaning up some houses myself also...

And it is strange when you actually hate to do housework but in the end still got to clean the house.


Lao Niang got clean up those big big house hor, clean like siao...i tell you

I got one customer thought we stain removal specialist hor then expect me to remove every single stain for her.

We do GERNERAL CLEANING, that means we make it dust free for you to move in, oki.

Anything can just email to sales@pitstopcleaning.com , just mention my name, give you good rates!

And it's been raining non-stop hor, how come ah? I thought the raining season is in Dec?

Rain until I go out also abit sian...

Anyway, I need to go out now!


Have a good week!


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