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Monday, April 07, 2008

Yahama @ Bedok

Weekend doing for Yamaha for 2 days...

I was so tired that I spend the whole day sleep and lazing around...

I think really got "lao"....cos only 2 days nia and Lao Niang hurt myself...

I think spend too long standing and wearing boots, my thigh muscle was so painful that I cannot walk.

Lucky after resting today, it got better.

Got to work very hard now.

Been doing property for 9mths now and result not what I expected.

Though the market is slowing down but it is really upsetting that you cannot fulfill your dreams of helping people get their dream homes.

Though my house cleaning business is doing not too bad but I still loves doing property.

I will JIA YOU DE!

Me! Hot Hot day....trying to change my hairstyle....

It look weird cos not long not short....decided to put it down.....

That's my partner, Bernice.

She is young and chinese, btw.

Mr Ng came down and tabao a packet of Teh for me.

Reminds you of that movie boh?

Xiao char boh, Bernice requested us to do this pose... -_-'''

SUAI mah?

He is wearing what I loves to see...... hehe

Alright, have a good week.

I am planning for next week.

Oh ya. Happy 2 year Anniversary!

Mr Ng is brining me to Bali next week! WOOOOHOOOO!


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Hey! Headline wrong liao! is YAMAHA! Look at your photo, the bike 's spelling! Hia hia!
You really have a nice pair of legs!
ah! i missed it! i must have walk pass you like 10 times that day.. (i was part of the work force @ the tentage area)

if you remember a plum guy in red nike tee.. tat's me.
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