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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Excursion To Sentosa

Knowing how much Mr Ng wants to go Sentosa tanning (I am trying to be fair), I accompanied him today.

We seldom meet on Sunday because we will spend time on our own to clear our own stuffs but I manage to clear most of my work on Sat.

Sentosa, here we go!

Mr Ng applying Sunblock for me!

I hate my hands to be oily oily de.....

So sweet!

Erm...... White promfret fish.... that's why the tan...


Covering the nipple.... -_-


I am bloated because it is that time of the month.... =(

I am trying to suck my stomach.....hehe

Mr Ng is er......also bloated.... (think he is going to nag at me for this photo)

Not me....he took this photo.....

I guess is the girls......SI TI KO PEK!

I was busying reading and covering myself up....

I die die want to explore Sentosa

We were queuing up for the Skyride....

I found out my 80 yr old grandmother also went for it!

It is scary....

I am not afraid of height but the thing look so flimsy that I am worried about my life...

Actually both of us regret.....putting our lives in danger....

The video we took.

The memory that cost $10! Thanks Mr Ng!

Have a good week!


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I'm so glad that things turned out fine for you and Mr Ng. =) Hope you two will lovey dovey together always ok?
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