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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I will learn to love myself now

Well, first of all....

Happy Birthday to Youngest Sister! Annie Melody Lim!

Her birthday was yesterday and she is 1 yr older now!

Beloved cute sister is always the one that seems so young yet sometimes more mature than us.

And how she turn into a fine young pretty lady now! I wish her pass her exam fast and go out and enjoy herself soon cos she been at home everyday studying!


Me and Mr Ng are not together anymore.

Everyone was asking why I shut down my blog and I can only apologize.

I was hit hard....

I think the worst thing that can happen is that suddenly some major things in your life just disappeared....

While my career life is going through a downslope, I thought that my love life can gave me the support and the strength to help me up.

And maybe we were just not meant to be.....

It is so strange that two person who seems so in love can turn into strangers overnight.....

The reason for this post is to remind myself. To remind myself that I am lucky, the other 2 major things of life had pulled me up.

1. My family.

Younger Sis was the one who heard about the news first. She had been listening to me patiently, chatting with me during the period where I was just not myself. Though she do not understand how to help me but she had been very sweet and understanding. Keeping me company during the difficult period.

Youngest Sis had never comment anything but she will help me run some errands because I had been at home without going out much and just seeing her ever-bubbly character, I felt better.

Mummy had been upset as well but I guess that she just want me to be happy.

2. My Friends

Thanks and sorry to make you worried. I really thank them for being in my life, though I didnt really explained much, they were ever willing to open their doors for me. To just lend the listening ears that I need, to provide support for me. To be there for me if I needed them.

I had been worried about posting the news....I had been scared to tell the people who had been asking....

But I had been running away from this issue for very long and shutting myself out, I think it is time I just let it go.

I had been deceiving myself thinking that nothing had happened, he was going oversea, I will forget everything, it was just a nightmare......

But deep inside, I knew.

No matter what I do, no matter how I changed, no matter how nice I will be, no matter what crazy things I did, no matter how much I will think of him, no matter how long we had been together, no matter what he thinks, no matter how happy I try, no matter how sad i am, no matter how hard i try, no matter how much i care, no matter how understanding i am....

I guess it just doesnt matter anymore.

Because I am facing the fact now.

And the only thing I need to do now is to learn to love myself all over again now.


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all great people must went through hardship first before able to have the correct skills to be success story. ECG-A.O.C
Take care ya. Dont think too much. Look at the brighter side. your readers will be there for you too. cheers.
Be brave! You have our support. - A regular reader from Malaysia.
take care gal.. i believe u can able to get over it n live a beta life dan b4.. there are alot more beautiful things infront for u.. =D
ur reader from sg..
*HUG* Concentrate on your career first, let nature takes its course. Maybe someone better will come along.. In the meantime, just enjoy yourself with your friends, with your family, with you work, and with yourself.

Stay strong!
Be strong gal. Everyone go thru failed relationship.. Well.. always believe that God leaves the best for you.

Do what you like to do best, go through the hardship, i believe your success is laying ahead for you.

Jia You!
Take Care, don't brood on it too much.

here's a hug for ya~~

u know something i am going through the same thing as u. u learn to love yourself more i also want to. but many times i just keep crying non stop..
Take Care .. You have your readers too !!!
call me 90297852

Any experience you faced, is to make you a better and stronger person for the future...

Cheer up!
Be strong ... You are still my Singapore Prettiest Blogger :)

Still remember me bo ? GC.Edge ... :)
Be strong as you've always been. THe right one willl come when the time is right. Enjoy life and know that there'll always be someone better out there..
Take care!

Don't think too much,and wish you get over it soon!
Be strong babe =) Luv urself & who knows, when one door shuts, another door is waiting for u to open...
Hey babe..

Life ain't a bed of roses..but remember that not only you love yourself..your family will always be with you..no matter what happen..give yourself more time.. O=)
Give it time. You'll feel better. There'l be up days and down ones but from reading your blog I can see that you're one determined person. You'll pull through.
very sorry to hear what happened to you and mr ng.
i'm gonna be totally selfish...at least i now have some glimmer of hope of dating you...hehe

just kidding girl.
honestly though, i know you're gonna be okay even if you don't think so.
take care n love youself ya...
I knew u guys will breakup

To find a right guy,u need to be 'right' for other guy

No guys will like their gf to appear slutish(even though u may not be what u appear)

Its really the impression u gave
You are rather 'old' now. quit your indecent life before its too late...

Even though you have a great figure , a made up face , given the lifestyle u r going through now, you will never be able to find a good guy .All will be out to play with you

Think about it.You need to wake up
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