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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Japanese And American Food...

I got a freaking long day today, in fact the whole week...

I am going to sleep anytime but I got to prepare alot of things.

My very happy client who gave me another 2 new contract for Part Time Housekeeper, so I got to prepare and send it out by Mon.

Tomorrow meeting my ex-colleague for lunch, havent seen her for so many years!

After that got our monthly Pitstop Meeting.

Today was an "Angry" day which my friend said it is actually called "Road Rage".

Alot of jams today lor....

Met up my friend for lunch at Great World City. Saw this nice Ramen restaurant and decided to just head in cos we were both starving....

Not bad actually and he said is cheap, he never even tried Ramen before.....

I was suppose to attend a wedding dinner in the evening. My best friend's brother got married. The wedding held at Orchard there. Meritus Mandarin.

Damn angry, the road towards orchard jam like 45mins? Nah Bey, I so angry already never mind, after when we reach there.

Went to Cineleisure but parking full!

Went to Meritus Mandarin but parking also full!

Asked us to go for Valet, Valet also full!!!

I was so angry that I dropped off my mummy and best friend, I told them I want to go home.

They got out of the car immediately and quietly sensing that it was the best thing to do, I guess. I was in a foul mood.

I didnt manage to went home cos I was too freaking hungry.

Tried calling my friends who were nearby town to meet them for dinner then I can go back to pick up mummy.

Finally found LaLa (Cannot disclose his identity or he will kill me) who was going home to the East.

He said if I need someone to talk cock, sing song then I go find him.

At Kallang Macdonald's....


He went to buy 2 Double Cheeseburger Meals from Macdonald's and we ended up parking our cars behind the dark dark ulu ulu carpark and start to enjoy the wonderful American Food.

Whenever take his photo must cover face one, havent seen him for damn long but really thanks for the nice American dinner. Hahahaha

How come my face so skinny sial.....

Anyway, enjoy ur weekend!

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