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Friday, May 30, 2008

My time spent....

Hi Hi,

Thanks for being so sweet, I really dunno how to express my grattitude cos I cannot think of any words that could describe how i feel.

It's have not been easy of course.... I have a lot of support from friends who had been keeping me busy.

But I took this time out to think, forgive, learn and I think I mature again once more.

Thanks to other readers who actually emailed me and share about what you had been through or some was even going through the break-up now. And though you do not know really who I am and I cannot help you much but i thank you for sharing your personal stuff with me.

I am planning to take up more hobbies now, I have friends who are planning to take me rollerblading, dancing, tennis and I am very happy.

I didnt have a chance to do what I always wanted to do, what I always wanted to learn because I was too committed to my lovelife.

I think it is time I should be committed to myself, to my life, to what I enjoy.

Photos! Did a Martell Event!

24 girls involved!

My god....long time never do show. The feeling quite good actually!

Girls were all busy preparing

Gillian and Me!

Bernice and me!

Quick Quick, a surprise again!

Guess whose birthday this time?

Cannot disclose a woman age so 1 is enough.....

Except for Stella who is not feeling well, all of us contribute to the cake! Me, Gillian, Rachel, Kat, Karen and Destiny!

Birthday girl! Pam!

She was shocked cos 23 of us sing her a birthday song!

All Changed....red

I do like red but the dress is tooooo long for me....

Gorgeous Karen..... I am going to join her "singles Club" now...

Me.....I was damn tired.....

I didnt sleep for one day......and i met a friend for lunch at Amoy Street. Quite Ulu Jap restaurant but the service damn good! My fav! Chicken Balls and Pork with apargus!

My friend had a Tuna dunno what set lunch.....I manage to pinch his food and it looks and taste like meat though....

I had Pork Katsu! Yummy!

p/s: I am training my cleaners now at my house and imagine they did a better job then mummy who cleaned my hse for 20 odd years.....*bad daughter*

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Hi, i'm an avid reader of yours but haven't left a comment so far. It's good to know that u have recovered from the hurt. Time will heal all wounds but the love & support from your frens & loved ones will more than make up for the unhappiness. Jia You!
Hi, I'm Quinn. It's sad to know that you are going through what I had just went through. Like what you said, it's strange that how two lovers can be strangers overnight, so suddenly. Didn't we just love each other, kissed, hugged and whispered sweet nothings to each other. But strangely, the other party just simply changed overnight. I couldn't accept it nor how to accept it. I couldn't eat, drink, sleep nor work. Everything just collasped. But I'm stronger now. It's not as easy for me as I'm a single mother. To love, then divorced, then to take that first step to trust and love again but failed yet again.. imagine how I felt. Be strong. Easily said than done right? But I could do it. Time will really heal the pain. Stay with friends and go out more.. Email me should you need a listening ear.. quinnchan79@yahoo.com.sg
hello.knew you from long time ago..during fp days =D
been reading your blog since its existence.the only thing constant is change.so embrace the change!good things will come your way ;)
Hi, been reading your blog for awhile. So sorry to hear what happened.. Hope you're feeling better...

i'd like to know where you got your botox shots from? Coz i'm interested in having those done for my jaw. How much did it cost you? Hope you could share this info with me.

- Jane
i think it is very generous of you not to have angry words for him here on your blog...i always think that we may not be able to help what people choose to do to us, but we can choose how we react. jia you girl :) ni yao huo de bi ta hao!
Where in Amoy Street is this jap restaurant? do u remember the name? =)
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