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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Single Girls Night Out!

It was unplanned and planned...

Planned because we were going down for a briefing for a show coming up next week, client specially came down to tell us that the job we will be doing got high position guests and also warn us not to be late because we are going out on a trip without passport.....

Unplanned because I didnt realise that my gfs are single now also wor.....

Sherry and Gillian!

Yen Yen who complained she got no make-up and Judy who just got bk from Bali!

Me and Siao Char Boh....

Gillian who looked damn tired because she just came back from Batam and Me!

Gosh....I think she really didnt sleep much......

This lady also went batam but she looks good....so guess what happen in Batam?

Lovely girl got a lovely tan, makes me wanna go tanning also!

Went for Kopi instead of drinking now......er....the server did a bad job of taking the pic...

I need to position the camera for him lor....

It really feels good to have gfs for support and we will talk and share and listen to each other.

Sun is another day where most of us will meet up for an official gathering and I just cant wait to see them again!

I am going to be soooooo busy!

June is a good mth!


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hi gal,
was you at boon keng mrt area the macdonald there?
i saw u.. but i not v.sure isit u..
u wore red or pink & white stripes top and black skirt..
isit u?? =D
from ur reader..
Looks like you have an enjoyable time. Surprise to know you are single. Single life can be fun too!
Hi, I am ur reader. I jus wanna to say ur friend Sherry is hot. I noticed her from friendster but not able to add her. Really hope can get to noe her.. My email is wales_ocean@hotmail.com

Will continue to follow ur blog
Apple Jia you, jia you.
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