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Friday, July 11, 2008

Just a nerd on Fri Night

Went to bed this morning at 6am and woke up at 9am.

Though I only had 3 hours of sleep but it was a great day today!

Met up Marshall and heard the news that he was married and baby boy is on the way! I am so happy for him!

It was great to meet up your friends and found out they are leading a happy life!

Met Adeline after that and found out she is attached already! It was great news also! I am so happy for her!

Havent see my friends for very long and now I have alot of catching up to do!

Life is great!

Today is a good friday night!

Girls are going MOS (again.....) my god..... I decided not to go because I got to settle some stuffs.

Pitstop Cleaning is currently going through some changes now and I got to clear up alot of things.

Met 2 Japanese man the other night doing a bank event and both of them actually proposed to me.

Their friend commented that "These 2 men are very nice guys but unfortunately single"

I also unfortunately single leh....

Anyway, it was very amusing to have 2 men asking you to marry them the whole night and I was very entertained by them though I am supposed to be the one entertaining them.

Forgot to take pictures but it is ok because we are dressed quite like prisoners.... (Sorry Eileen, haha)

I am now sitting in front of my laptop and looking like a nerdy geek.

Need to go to bed soon cos I going blading tomorrow night!

See the nerd!

Paiseh, resolution not good cos I used my webcam.


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Hey Apple u forgot the other pitstop ;( email me soon ok?
Ya my partner is oversea, we are having a meeting on sun night, will bring up this. Thanks

just happened to pop by.

you look cute with specs! (:

i can never carry off that geek look T_T
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