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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Plastic Surgery....


Hows your weekend?

No photos to blog cos I never go out much.....

I realize my friends are mostly alcoholic wor...

I didnt drink with them and I decide to just make them have coffee with me.

Better right?

Drinking makes me sleepy recently and I think when I start having alcohol inside my body, my mind starts to wander alot and I will become very quiet when I drink. Not like last time can party and party.

Dunno why...is it got become more mature liao?

Trying to go for blading twice a week, anyone also into blading? We go together leh, I want to learn braking.....

Anyway, I been doing alot of research on Plastic Surgery....

I just found out....

ALOT ALOT of people actually got do plastic surgery lor....

My god...

But i still think it is the good decision leh.

I always encourage people to go for some enhancement and anyway it is so common now.

I always want to go for nose surgery to enhance my bridge, slim down my jaw just a little bit, do my chin to make it a little bit sharper.

I still considering whether I want to give a dimple to my face or not and also to make my lips alittle bit fuller and make also make my eyes abit bigger.

I think my body nothing much to do, except to tone abit (Must go blading more) and I really really hope I can add like 3cm to my legs.....

Anyway, just want to let you know, if you email me to ask me about plastic surgery, I really dunno how to answer you because my research might not meet your expections.

Try to search around forums and read through, oki.

When I can save enough money to go for the surgery (Gods know when) I will update the information hor.


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You are pretty, and very slim!
There's no need for plastic surgery!

Stop making me jealous!

1) you dont need the plastic surgery
2) damn...could never climb that fence

so yeah ur young and good trust me
When I look at some HK actors I also feel tempted to get ps done :> but then all the botched surgeries also freak me out, lol...
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