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Monday, July 14, 2008

For all the girls who are feeling pain in the heart now....

Recently I scream alot on "Men are just fucking liar bastards"....

I seen girls being hurt, being cheated on and my friend said it just give her another reason not to have a bf and get a commitment.

I almost fell flat when one of my best guy friend called me and said he had no feelings for his gf after being together for very long.

It makes my heart wrench when i see women going through the pain and doing crazy things.

Somehow I don't understand them, I just want to tell them to just wake up from the bad dream and move on. It was alot more easier for me but I know it is easier said than done for them.

Maybe the male species are angry now because I am scolding your own kind.

Maybe it is not easy on your side but if you are really mature enough, stop giving your woman any hopes and if you really want her back, do it correctly.

You will never understand the feeling of what your woman is going through........

The feeling of wanting you back badly....

The feeling of piercing pain in the heart......

The feeling of craziness when she will do ANYTHING to get you back.....

The feeling of sadness when your face just keep popping into her mind....

The feeling of hurt when by just hearing your name, she can cried non-stop....

The feeling of the excitement when you said you want to see her...

The feeling of madness when she tried to stop herself from thinking about you.....

The feeling of confusion when you told her that you really loves her but yet you don't want to be with her.....

The feeling of betrayal when u lied to her.....

The feeling of fear when she think she might lose you....

The feeling of anger when you cheated on her....

The feeling of hope when you called or sms her.....

The feeling of self-denial when nothing else matter to you anymore.......

The feeling of degrading when friends just scold her for being stupid....

If you can find all the feelings overwhelming, imagine this is all the same feelings she is going through right now.... a-l-t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r.


I just hope the male species out there use your brain and do the correct thing.

I totally understand that if you don't loves someone, nothing will help to bring that feeling back.

But if you use your upper head to think, things might be better for you and her.

Of course, relationship is troublesome but you have a choice.

What choice do you want?


You also can make a choice.

If you really love the man and you absolutely believe that he still loves you, you can try way and means to get him back.

Please do it the correct way also.

I have to warn you first, getting him back is not a miracle where you can see result overnight. It might take months or even years and you have to decide whether you want to take that effort.

Ask yourself, do you really love him? It is because you just cant let it go? It is because you are too used to him?

I have seen cases where my friends been through "hell" but they really made it through and now walking the life path with their man hand-in-hand.

And I always believe that if you really do love someone, nothing else matter.

The 1-day ki-siao Love Guru
p/s: If I were born a man, i think this post will be totally different liao.....

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Personal Experience ... Its very lonely being single and sometimes I just want somebody to be with, to chat with, to laugh with, to eat with, to take a drive with, to go traveling with, to share with, to hug with etc etc ...

But after thinking that what I have to go through again just to have somebody there ... is really too much a price to pay.

I always admire my attached friends' girlfriends. They are perfect to me though they might have shortcomings but their shortcomings is seriously nowhere in comparison with what that I have gone through.

People have said that if you don't take the chance, you will never know. I took the chance and I suffered badly. So who to blame? Me coz I took the chance. I ain't gonna take any chances no more. My heart has died 2 years ago. :)
i totally understand how it feels to be single.it takes me 2 yrs to let it go.

i guess time can really proves everything.no pt begging and crying to ask him back.even if he come back, it'll only be a short term.

i believe fate will bring the correct one to you soon.

and to james,
it's just a test that god is testing you. i believe your right one is somewhere near, good luck =)
end of the day, both of the sexes also are liars when they want out of their relationship. Don't put blame on guys when you are angry! You also must keep watch your behaviour and lifestyle that lead to this situation. When a person have too many relationship before means something is wrong with the person.
If there is such thing as "HE" is testing me then he is also testing apple right ? If "HE" is so almighty then I and apple won't have been given the wrong ones right ? Duhz!~

Your sentence "i believe your right one is somewhere near" is always said by everybody. Its call ...


No offence but its the truth. :)
I dun believe that every man is bad or every woman is bad.. Everyone has their own sad love stories to tell and some is luckily and only have happy stories to tell, Like my army friend, his first gf is his wife and they are together since they were 15. And me? I am going out with a woman who is also going out with a married man, yet I accept her for who she is and what she is. Does that makes her a bad woman or me a bad man? I dun know. Maybe love is a gamble, you dun know if you win or lose until you gamble, if you afraid to gamble, then you will never lose, but you also will never win. So, I believe in always gambling my love, i believe if I can take a risk on her, maybe she will take a risk with me someday.
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