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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Holiday!!!!!!!

It is really good friday sial!

I love it!

Going to do my tax income now.

I was getting very upset the last few days.

I finally went for a blood donation in dec, planning to do another one but I got a letter telling me that they found out I have a weakly antigens of Hepatitis B and they refuse to let me donate blood for the next 2 years.

I got so shocked when i found out I got Hep B. I quickly went for a blood test.

The result was negative.

Thank god.

My doctor told me that it is a quite common case and told me that HSA is rather strict with the people who donated blood and I might have no chance to donate at all in future.

My friends & family were all worried about me. I tried to refrain from sharing food until I got the result.

I had went for the jab (lao niang is broke spending on all medical stuff.....) and I do hope I can fulfill my wish to donate blood again.

Imagine.....i think they threw my small small packet of blood away =(

Have u all got ur vaccine?

Have u all go for ur body checkup?

I think health is very impt, imagine I spend around $300 just because i thought I got Hep B, what if I really got it?

How much will I spend?

Do consider getting all ur health insurance plan carefully. (Can call Ah Ju)

If u die, not so jia lak but if u sick? U pok gai until u cry.....

Met my 2 lovely sis on wed for dinner!

We went Cineleisure the HK cafe for food!

Chow ah gong me.... my contact lens were killing me. I dunno but can u see my glasses damn thick? 600 degree hor.

U think they shy? Nah......

we 3 dun really look alike hor? That's me, Xiaomei and Erjie. Both younger than me.

Tried to self-take.

The staff "kan bu guo qu" and help us take. I blinked. Maybe I not use to people take photo for me?

Did we order alot?

We cannot finish lor....

Obviously being Dajie (everyone in family call me that), I paid for the food.

These 2 xiao cha boh wont bring money out when go out with me.

They will said "Dajie sure got one...."

What to do?

i only got 2 of them.

Enjoy ur holiday!



i saw you and mr ng outside dragonfly on good friday night!
hey actually you look great with specs! like some hot teacher or professional or something (: and i know what you mean about sisters, i have got one younger one and i absolutely cherish her too. cheers!
Oh 3 of you really have no sibling look but all pretty pretty. Hehehe. Yeah, agree with anne, you look hot with specs!
your xiaomei very the chio..is she attached.some more info pls..however nonetheless u 3 r sexceeeeeeeeee. huahauah. Happy easter ladies.
hey is ur youngest sis from nyp business course?i knw her.. but din knw u are her sister.
hi lovely lady
you have a wonderful blog
greetings from happymario from belgium
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