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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not used to it......

Just got home not long ago....

My days are dull recently....

Only doing 3 major things....

Office, Eat, Home......

Sales have been slow recently and encountered alot of problem....

Facing rejection....

Getting scolded.....

People dont understand.....

I dunno whether I am short of money or not (bank is going dry though) but I think not a major problem yet because I am not starving and I still got food to eat.

I think getting an achievement in life suddenly became very important to me now.

Dunno what I really want but I just want to work.

I work all day long and I only have one thing in my mind.


Not that I am making myself pathetic but I really dunno what else I can do.

Even today go office, boss was surprised.

I think not getting what I want frustrates me and I kept conditioning myself that everything will be alright.

Just a matter of getting used to it....I guess

Tomorrow IS a better day.The day after IS a even better day. Whole week IS a great week.

I promise to myself.


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i think perhaps u need a new fresh start again. life is full of ups n dwns. love reading up ur blog when i am free. Looking at wats happening around u. I certainly hope things goes right for u soon.
You must be strong... Time will heal all wounds. You'll be back to normal and life would be even better after this dark period of loneliness. :)
in this line, rejections are the norm, watz most impt is getting up from where you are...ppl wanna strike us down eh? we jump back up again and show them! don't forget that if some ppl don't appreciate what we do for them, just move on to others, i'm sure there are many ppl out there na
Apple, if I have questions about buying HDB, can I email to ask you?

*HUG* Stay strong, hoping for the best for you too!
You still got your readers mah ...

Anyway, do u still read cleo ? what other magazines do u read ? I remember buying every single one of them for you previously and delivering to your doorstep :)
Blood and wine.
Look for "Mr Ng 2" then u'll be fine.
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