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Monday, July 28, 2008

Past Memories

Look what I found! I always have the habit of keeping things, all the past memories.....

This box belong to my nearly 4yrs ex-bf. Mr Tan

Hmmmm, wonder why I got his car key with me? I should have return it to him wor....

Alot of stuffs, receipts, cards, movie tickets.....

I totally forgot about this card!

Imagine 4 years ago........

Somemore he got wrote that "he handmade it himself"!

Found the map of Banyan Tree Bintan......

I think we used to go swensen many many times....

Imagine he gave me the birthday card when I was 18yr old, seems so so long agooooo

I think this was the best candid photo I ever had.....We went to Genting....

This file belong to Mr Weiyi who is happily married now! Nothing much cos we were only together for like 3 months? But i remembered I went to the Zoo with him

Last but not least....this box belongs to Mr Ng.....

Looking back at all the cards, letter, there will be words with "I love you forever", "My love for you will never fade", "I drop a tear in the ocean and if they ever found it, it means I will stop loving you".....

I think there is no forever love at all, how can someone love someone forever?

Maybe only family love......

But I think Love this word will be kept hidden inside me for a while, career should come first.

I still wish all the loving couple be grateful for the person beside you and have a everlasting relationship!

And do communicate more, it is really important, say it out first rather than bottled it all up.


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Aww. I used to do that too but then I stopped.

Coz I realised nobody appreciates it anyway. *shrugs*
what's past should be left in the past. Look to the future.How is your property job now?

I still keep them .. nice and proper ... just like you ...

Though I sometimes wonder if they kept mine ... Every year without fail, I will continue sending each one of them birthday cards, xmas cards, cny cards and special ones v-day cards. =)
I will dump everything else I will cry. *sob*
u r such a sentimental gal =) alot people dun do tat liaoz.... But sometimes keeping these "memories items" make u dwell on the past even more, isn't it?
mR. nG is an ex now? damn, miss that episode. now i catch no ball in your life.

I saw you the other day. then i realise how much more stunning you are in real life. a lot of guys had stiff necks that night (including me) because our head turned so fast to catch a glimpse of you.

take care.
Saw you a few days ago at Yishun St 21 having lunch, but I think you don't recognise me anymore...lol
i think it's really sweet that you keep all these memories of your past relationships. well don't give up on hope on love just yet, concentrate on your career for now but love will find its way to you when you least expect it (: all the best!
You are very sentimental. Very few people keep these things. It only brings back the past memories. What past is past. You should look forward to the future.
why is the card from mr. tan writen to "sophia lim"??
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