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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drinking......2 nights in a row....

This week is a hectic week....

Never expected myself to get high 2 nights in a row....

Photos not much cos I been lazy to bring my camera out recently and the girls have not upload any pics yet.

Just "lun" first with the photos I stole from Sherry's facebook....

Was doing a beer event cum auction night on Thursday, didnt drink during the event but decide to sit down with one guy from Ireland who is also a lawyer who is also 29
years old.

Me and Yan happily drink and drink because he buy and buy.....

Both of us had make a pact and had reminded each other like 28474 times that we will not go drinking but will be a good girl and have supper.

Drink and drink already mood very good and very happy.

Decided to head down MOS to meet sherry and Judy to get more alcohol see what they are doing since we were nearby.

The gfs pact dont work.......Sherry, Me, Judy and Yan

Sherry who got us 3 bottle of Moet Rose, Judy.

I prefer rose more but I still dont like champagne.

Yan who got drunk and went home very early.....

Cash and friends and more friends joined us......

Irin and Sherry.


Gosh....I didnt remember her name

Clement who remembered me but I TOTALLY dunno him at all.....

Crazy dancing....I got a lapdance for free from cash! Friendship cum colleague r/s lor or he charge very expensive de hor.

The dancers......

Still the dancers......

Lovely night with me getting drunk and sleeping at Newton Circus while they were happily eating supper....

(How did I got there????)

With a huge hangover, next day went over to Thumper!

It was lovely Karen Tok birthday!

More drinking again....but I didnt get drunk, not as bad and I can actually go for supper.

Photos to be load.

Caught "The dark Knight" on Sat, it was a great great movie!


Girls went to MOS again and I surrender.

Need a good rest.

Gonna work very very hard!


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lol. you are exactly like me. i liked a doctor and i did everything for him. nearly went to break his happiness cos i thought it will take him back to me. but then.. he hated me even more. did everything to show how much i loved him but still losing him in the end.

but then, i smiled on with life(pretend to laugh when im crying). with him, i need to show that i am not affected thou it killed me inside when all he wants is sex! im only a substitude!

but now, after so long, i found my baby.. taller, more handsome, richer, younger. the doctor is very rich. condo, lexus, fine dining... but now i got BETTER one. so dont give up. we girls are here for you!

say hi to yan for me. haha. still remember calling her strawberry head. cant let u know my real name cos everyone will know it's me. so, call me kai xin guo!
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