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Saturday, May 09, 2009

I am going to Cape Town!

Paiseh People....

I am going away for a trip to South Africa, Cape Town!

Now stuck at Dubai......Transit 6 hours...

I am dying!!

I was so addicted to the movies on the plane I never sleep lor....

Lucky Lao Niang got Laptop can blog and watch movies again!! Woohooo

Dubai Airport!

I am stuck at the only smoking area at Terminal 3 and I need to spend a min of USD11 just to smoke here....Nah bey....

But can see the seat cosy hor! dunno i can stay here 6 hours or not......

I am praying hard they will accept my debit card...hahaha
I just didnt care and I just want to smoke!
Will blog again!


Sounds like a fun trip! What airline are you flying over?
u there to be a prosititue?
To Anonymous:

If you are brave enough to comment
"Are you there to be a prositute?" have courage to at least put a name so that the whole world can know that are 90 year old virgin with a 6 year old monkey brain which is the size of your penis - a peanut.

Go visit some porn sites and whack yourself off. if you cant do it, then go take a walk down desker road and get some tranny to blow you off.
Updates at last...
cut down on the smoking..
Bad for health...
To Jinx:

well for the record, it takes someone worst off than me to recognise those trait which you have listed..
To Sean,

At least i get it....

Now go and jerk off on Animal Planet.
to Jinx

Well since you get it.. then you must be even worst than me.. i might be jerking off on Animal plant but are you jerking off alone with her pic in front of you??

what a sad soul we have here...
To Sean,

I would rather jerk off to a beautiful lady then to have bestiality like you.

Now run off and find a goat to fuck ok?
My friend just went there.. its one hella of a rocking place man!
Blog update can?
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