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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I changed......


Solli leh..

Lao Niang forgot about blogging....

This week hectic, lots of meetings and trainings.

Last weekend got drunk.

Really drunk.

Went MOS and Butter factory to club on fri and sat

I always said I will not drink but in the end, reach there liao, dun drink also cannot.

Very hard when all your friends are alcoholic.

My friend, *V bought me Martell last week at MOS

I was so drunk that I cannot even remember I personally pass to the crew to keep the bottle.

Got up next day and found the card in my bag!!!

Met him for dinner and ask him about it the next day with a blur look.

He said he got the bottle for me and we cannot finish so left 1/2 a bottle.......

At MOS.....

Siao liao......

Told Sherry and Judy about it and they said continue this fri.....

Siao Liao........

Anyway, just to spread around:

PS Divas is searching for Models, Talents.

Please email your contact number and name to:


The person in charge will reply your email and direct you what to do.

Pls email if you are interested to be part of our industry. Dont ask me anything. Gam Sia

Anyway, I realize something.....

2007 and 2008 Me like look very different leh....

Prettier and prettier, right?


Anyway, realize that I somehow got change.

Maybe old liao ah? Or did my face slim down?

But I still wanna go for plastic surgery!!!

Anyone wanna sponsor?

Pls dont tell me I dont need it, pls dont preach or anything.

If you are not supportive, then just shut up.

I am insecure with my looks

I am not happy with my looks

I am upset about my looks

I admitted

But nothing can stop me from doing something I always wanted to do.

At least I got something I can look forward to.

At least I got a goal to work towards it.

At least I know what I want.

At least I know I will be happy.

And the only thing that can make me happy now.


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