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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hi Hi Hi!

CNY is coming, have u all bought ur new year clothes?

So coincidentally that Mr Ng bought a grey top and I will be also wearing a grey dress for Chu 1.

This year CNY is a very important one for me as my fortune teller said after this lunar new year, everything will be shun shun li li and heng heng liao!

I will succeed!

Lots of planning to do and I will be starting a small business soon! Wish me all the best and I hope everyone have a "heng heng" year!


Mar's ROM!

Waiting for their vows....

Me and Miko!

Never took much photos cos very crowded.... Happy Marriage!

Mr Ng pick me after that, we met up to go to Jay Chou's concert!


Ok nia.....I think buy CD better...

Cant really hear his singing....

We left early to avoid jam

Not really his fans but he really got alot of fans wor....

Stella's Wedding! Breakfast for the groom

Busy preparing the stuff to tekan the groom...

Me and Zeta!

All wear white.....even the brothers also...

Patrick and Pam

The lovely bride!

New dress bought specially for her wor....

We all ran shopping after the tea ceremony.

Still went to set our hair....

Nice boh?

$20 at Ghim Moh....dunno where

Imagine the receptionist were late lor....so paiseh.....

Have a good week!



me and little momo wish you here a happy rat year ahead..... hehe... I enjoy reading your blog for the past months, although I seldom leave msg in your blog but that doesn't mean I don't read them...

Anyway, have a great holiday ahead...
Hi Poisonlady, I saw on ur photo u put toenails extension am I rite ? it's very sexy ! Care to share a pic ?
actually we aren't the first time msg loh.. I did send you a msg that time during the car expo asking you if you're taking part in the racequeen.. maybe you didn't remember loh...
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hello there, i really like your hair. it's very shiny and healthy looking. how do you maintain it? hope you don't mind sharing. i think u mentioned before about wanting to share with your readers your beauty regime, hope u'll get around to doing it. take care!

Starting a business? What you doing, can I chip in? Wait, r you still in the property line?
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