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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My fav!

A guy nearly scared me to death today....

He kept looking at me while waiting for the lift

I was getting worried when he said:

"I think u look familar, u got a blog?"

Ah chey....my reader sial.....

Mr Greg (right?) so sorry I gave u a super "dao" look but I was taken aback.....really....

Next time see me gan gan approached me, standing alone at a ulu ulu lift with a stranger staring at u very scary one u know.....

Wrong person never mind.......cos paiseh one also not me....kekekeke

Anyway, I am very very happy!!!

My colleague, went to Japan for a trip and he buy me this!!!!!!!!

I think he must have find like mad sial.....but is cheaper in Japan.

This is me and my 2 sisters fav tibits wor!

But very ex hor, $3.50 for 1 pack and inside only got 2 packet and each packet only got 8 chocolate burgers hor. So we last time always take turn and share 1 pack. 1 pack can buy 1 plate of chicken rice and get 1 drink le hor.

Yesterday I show it to Mr Ng.

He never see it before....

So suaku......

Then I said, "eh.....like that u take one ba....."

Then he exclaimed *thunder* "Huh? I only worth 1 pack?!!!"

I said: "solli hor, I only giving u o...n...e packet (out of the 2 packet) not the whole pack hor

Then I change my mind....

People fly Japan to buy for me......I asked him to pay $3.50 to buy himself....

I think I am in a damn nay beh mood

P/s: For those who miss Mr Ng........Recent photo. But 1 only hor....This is my blog not his blog leh.


Emm...Mr. Ng looks cool there, but where are you? I also want to see your pretty pretty pics neh....
you sound very happy actually! looks like u are more cheerful after disclosing the r/s btwn u and mr ng :D
Dear Apple, it's time for you to change that *Marital Status* field on the left column to *Attached* ;)
that was my favourite ridbit when i was younger. it's available in sg though. don't have to fly all the way to japan =)
oops. i meant Tidbit.
go to take cold storage la. now on sales.. 2.70 only. it taste grt. long time nv eat le..
taka* not take.
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