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Monday, April 10, 2006

My weekend....

I need to run off soon...

Sibei lots of things to do...

On MC today due to muscle pain....

Oh ya, the people who commented, I am going to delete all the nonsense stuff that u posted. I will keep on del and u can keep on posting. Na Na Ni Pu Pu

U are upsetting people who loves me and who enjoy my blog.

If u are so fucking free, go screw urself, dun try to screw up my blog cos it is stupid.


I need a hunky male....

A very handsome one...

If u think u are yandao and fun-loving and like to meet people and free this sat from 8pm to 10pm. Email me ur height and photos (Not 1 hor) to verypoisonouslady@hotmail.com

Ok, just enjoy the photos ya... I very pain...need to sleep again le...

Tomorrow I am starting my hip-hop dance! Wooohooooo *ouch*

Met up Mr Ng for coffee on Friday night!

Mr Ng.... We both damn sweetooth....

Sat morning, went to have fun at the rugby game at National Studium with June.

Foster Foster Foster!

2 of us.... I think I am stuck with this type of uniform wor...

The nice cold pool.... I was being thrown into it a total of 8 times during the 2 days...



Both of us......we dunno we were in deep shit...

Wet Wet Wet

Me too...wet but no orgasm... =(

Met Mr Ng again for dinner..... Er...the nice container hor...is a ashtray wor...

Miss Poison and Mr Ng @ Secret Garden!

My fabulous steak! I love love steak!

hmmm..chicken....chicken something-i-dunno-what

Woh....Triple Chocolate.....Nice.....So sinful!

Sun.... Saw a guest who look like Wang Li Hong... BUT HOR! Take off the sunglass liao...he look like korean star then an ABC....


Batman! So strong! Zeta was with me on Sun!

There was so many crazy people who are willing to seek attention...This fellow made his own costume....really... even got a matching hangbag.. -_-'''

I was actually thrown down by 1 guy who stand at 1.9m.

We were playing around the pool and this tall guy grab me and tried to throw me into the pool and he slip, fall and had me thrown down at shoulder height.

I was in a shock and I cannot remember what happened. I only know now my body is aching like hell.

I was more worried about him though...everyone told me that the noise was loud And when I look at the 15 people surrounding me, their faces was white...

The tall guy came over and apologize to me frantically....

He said something which make me laugh and totally forgot about how naughty he was to have wanted to throw me into the pool..

"ya know, there was a moment of silence after you fell and everyone looked as me as if I had killed u."

I going to have dinner le!
Ah gong ah gong ah gong! I love my new glasses!


Being thrown in the pool is great fun i guess. rest well n the aches will go away soon... cheers.
somehow, you look rather pale and sickly in your photos... if you are sick, get well soon k..
hey hey.... i always enjoy reading your blog and was hoping to see you @ the rugby 7s cos i was working there too but i was working @ the stall so couldn't walk around.... looks like you had great fun though.... so anyways, continue updating k!!?! =)
hey babe!

looking as gd as ever :)

abt muscle ache.. probably u muz use "salongpas" it helps alot!
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love reading your blog!!!
Heeey! I like your idea of "uniform"!

And you've heard, "guys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!"

Veeery nice...
Heeey! I like your idea of "uniform"!

And you've heard, "guys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!"

Veeery nice...
hey. you okay not? the part where you got thrown down was scary lor. God loves you okay. Was damn shocked when i was reading... recover soon..=]]]]
Wow.. you looked terrific with that pair of glasses! tok Kong!
Always enjoyed reading your blogs with pictures of your chio friends and yourself too.

Keep it up poisonlady. :)

Hey Poi, I saw that guy in the pink outfit at "Clarke Quay" on "Friday Night" too. Think they had this function after the rugby game later that night.

Anyways, ur looking as hot as eva ya.

hmm u chio chee bye
pls relate msg to june tat ah hua find her prettier than before
hi dear, where did u learn your hip hop dance??? Good???
I like the Rugby 7's pics...

Strange, how could I miss a pretty lass like you? Must be the sun...LOL
Enjoyed a lot!
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