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Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Week Spent!

Not sure how to start the post....

I been busy with modelling this 2 weeks after i am back from my trip...

Just got home from Pitstop Cleaning Services meeting and need to cheong for year end sales liao, next year Chinese New year coming real soon so we anticipated alot of spring cleaning business....

Call 6100-PITS (6100-7487) f you are looking for Part time maid service or One time General Cleaning!

Tomorrow onwards is to concentrate on my day time normal career liao, need to fight hard for my sales also!

Lao Niang big day coming up also.....

My 2nd early present from Stella!!!!!! Thanks!!! She giving birth and I still got present from her...So Paiseh....

Treated Huiqi to Korean BBQ food for her birthday!

Meat Meat Meat!

I just love all the side dishes!

Hmmm She was quite worried because we throw her baby at my house and my whole family cant make him stop missing his mummy who is happily eating good food....

Me! I bought an early birthday for myself! A new set of hair extension!

Can see better? I love this new look......We went Lunar to drink on Fri!

Me and Karen Tok who was working there!

We were very high.......

Candy and XXX (shit...i forgot her name) and me!

Ken also another bored single person so we also jio him club!

Without much sleep and smelling like an Alcholic, I was the bridesmaid for Marilyn!

The lovely bride.....I was still high and forgot to take much pictures....

After the wedding, they said going to continue drinking, so me and Ju fly back to finish the champange......

Kena Cheated....End up in the room ordering room service...."Brownie hot hot and ice cream cold cold" is my order btw....

Did an event for Ritz event again today. I always love "Cabaret" and decide to coordinate a different dance for them other than the usual Hip Hop dance.

Noel, Judy,Rachel & Hana! Thanks to all the effort!

I hope I can also perform next time.

Though we did not have a choreography but the girls try to make it as "neat" as possible.

I was very happy!

Hana! Always love her outgoing and professional character!

Noel, forever suprise me, she is very outgoing also though she dun look like one.....

Judy who helped me search for the songs and giving me alot of ideas for this performance.

The dance segment can be view here

Going to sleep now......


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hi! may i know where is that korean bbq place?

thanks! ^^
Your boobs are literally flowing out when u are w that bridesmaid t-shirt...u are really sexy woman and can make guys drool lor!!!
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