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Friday, August 29, 2008

Event......but not I working

Me and my twin sister, Judy was invited to go to one of Playeur Magazine party which they held every month.

Was deciding whether to go or not because I usually don't attend event or rather, I alway work at the event.

Was quite excited to know that it was a Quaruba'r because it was my friend's outlet, havent seen him for very long so decided to go down to say hi as well.

The turn-out was great!

Didnt know who this guy was actually, he didnt even told us his name and wanted to have a shot with us.

Didnt really know what to wear......

I make Judy wore nearly the same as me so we matched!

Both of us, Judy was not feeling well and she went to my car to take a rest.

Me and Kelvin! He knows I love Martell only and decide to give me special order..... I was the only one in the bar to have martell while they have the free-flow *hao lian*

That's also the boss, Danny, damn funny also and in the end we both look darn red....

One of the new friend I met who I found out is a regular at the place. Opps...i forgot his name...solli....

Was drunk and sick when I went home........

I actually lost my voice today so I cannot go MOS!!!!

So sad...

I suppose to meet a new friend there.... =(

I so wanted to go dance and drink tonight!

Victor even offer to pick me up and offered to talk on my behalf but it is the fact that I cannot drink, that's why I need to sleep after blogging.....

Hopefully I will get better cos I got a movie date tomorrow to watch Wall-E! Hopefully my date remember to book the ticket...

Going to sleep now.....


People, enjoy partying tonight!

p/s: Not sure what's getting over me, people been asking why I am drinking so much recently....I also dunno why...

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you didnt work @ Comex? Saw Mr Ng there on Thurs
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